Wicked weather in the UK

A car is swamped by drifting snow at the side of a road near Brough, Cumbria, this afternoon as heavy snow sweeps across the UK. More photos here.

  • Exile1981

    That looks like normal winter weather when the winds blow out here on the prairies.

    • Frau Katze

      But this not the prairies. For them, this apparently worse than average. I can’t really judge, I’ve never even visited the place.

  • Just a thought

    LOL – that car is NOT “swamped.” I lived in Baltimore for the 1978 blizzard, which left only the roof of my Oldsmobile Delta-88 showing.

    • lucius

      Remember real blizzards? That picture would be absolutely white. Nothing would show.

      • Frau Katze

        I’ve actually driven in them. One winter I decided to drive to the interior to visit my sister. It was raining in Victoria. But as soon as the ferry arrived at the other side, I saw the snow. Further out in the Fraser Valley, it was windy and the snow was blowing hard. Nightmare. Then on to the Coquihalla highway, which goes up into the mountains.

        I’ve never ventured back again in the winter.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Sassenachs can’t drive at the best of times.

  • Ron MacDonald

    The video below covers the “Blizzard of 77” that hit the Niagara Region of Ontario and Buffalo, NY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-gRb_MuUgg

    • Frau Katze

      This is why I like the West Coast. I tried Ottawa, but I couldn’t take the winters. We just have to worry about earthquakes.

      • Ron MacDonald

        I love Victoria, I was stationed there while in the navy 1978-81 and 1985-87.

  • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

    Interesting to see and compare. I don’t imagine the UK is as well equipped as we (Canada) are with snow removal and preparedness.

    • Frau Katze

      Victoria is pathetic too. A big snowfall, and the place comes to a halt.

  • ontario john

    Damn that global warming.