The Telegraph is really going downhill: Why Michelle Obama was wrong to not wear a headscarf

This gesture is being widely praised for sending a “bold message” to the Saudis: you can’t keep us veiled.

Except that the veil is not a Saudi custom but a Muslim tradition. Women across the Muslim world, from Turkey to Chechnya, wear the veil out of deference for their God.

In refusing to cover her head at a funeral Michele betrays a typical Western confusion of the religious with the cultural. A Muslim woman covers her head out of respect for God, not fear of the caliphate…

They don’t respect us, why should we respect them? It’s always a one-way street with Islam.  They’re allowed to positively despise us, but we are expected to “respect” them?  

And whatever became of the quaint idea (I did hear it maybe 10 years ago) that head coverings were not mandatory, but just a custom that developed later?

Clearly this paper has sold out totally to conservative Muslim interests. Islamization of the West indeed.  The comments are extremely polarized.