Protest the sex-ed madness on February 24 at Queen’s Park

“What kind of province do we live in? Some kindergarten children in Ontario are learning about homosexuality and cross-dressing. In Toronto, a company run by the transgender spouse of a school board employee is pushing transgender-themed books into kindergarten classrooms. There are also stories of at least one kindergarten teacher taking his class to the gay pride flag raising in Toronto.”

  • Why didn’t we tell Heather Reisman about this travesty?

    • Ha! Boy she is connected to hearts and minds of the average Joe isn’t she.

    • What the obsession with gay and transgender sex in the school system?

      If they spent as much time on teaching math, science, technology, and engineering we all would be better off.

      How do these fruitcakes keep their jobs?

      • nobull

        “How do these fruitcakes keep their jobs?”

        by hiring and promoting like minded libs/progressives. They “own” the public schools – the indoctrination of our kids won’t end anytime soon, as that would take wholesale gutting of the existing system.

  • Bataviawillem

    These people have a very dark personal agenda.

    • They love children! Just not in the normal sense of that phrase.

  • Censored_often

    Sick. Nothing more to say on this subject…

  • Gary

    Wynne acts as if this Ben Levin pedophilia and same-gender Kiddie porn is not an issue since she’s pushing ahead with this homoerotic Sex-Ed on children.
    Where’s the CAS that loves to justify their budget because they are protecting children? So a little girl in Kindergarten draws a gun and it gets the CAS and Police called in to arrest the dad and search his house, but that same girl can draw two naked males from the PRIDE parade where their sex organs look like guns and THAT’S ok in the new World of Liberal Progressives.

  • simus1

    Public and private schools with large numbers of muslim students will no doubt be allowed to make “certain adjustments” to the proposed course materials to bring them in line with “cultural norms”.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Wynne’s vision for Ontario, Greece.

  • mauser 98

    call, write your MPP

  • ontario john

    As pointed out in today’s Thursday Toronto Sun website, the government feels parents are too stupid to understand the new subject. As explained, there is too much information for parents to go through and understand so a simple booklet will be issued once the changes are implemented for parents to read and obey.

  • Exile1981

    Sex ed should be taught but not to the level they are discussing or planning and besides Ontario is way behind in the basics and should instead be pushing for more basic math, reading and science skills so the kids are employable as something other than sex workers or community organizers.

  • nobull

    This is simply INDOCTRINATION. Happening everywhere. If you want to fundamentally change a nation, it has to start with the children.

    In 3 generations, job accomplished.