Political correctness: How censorship defeats itself

“…Pursed lipped prudes, who damn others for their sexist, racist, homophobic and transphobic language, while doing nothing to confront real injustice, are characteristic figures of our time. As characteristic are well-meaning people abandoning good causes because they cannot take the prudes’ condemnations.”

  • mauser 98

    Cumberbatch another gay Hollywood spoiled brat
    will choke on his own white guilt

    • Yea, it was a silly spectacle, you gotta love it when the left eats its own.

  • Jason

    I found myself nodding in agreement a couple of times and then he had to slip in that warning about “playing into the hands of the Right”. Yes, we’re such scary, evil manipulators, pulling everyone’s strings from behind the scenes. (Sigh.)
    Anyway, one of the points he made is that words were reflective of reality in the sense that if, for instance, “retard” was used as an insult this was because a contempt/dislike for the mentally ill already existed. This is perhaps just a statement of the obvious (to the inflexible Right at least) since if words are not saying anything about reality, what’s the point?
    But words shape reality too, as Orwell and countless others have pointed out. If you force people to say certain things (and to *not* say certain things), you are on your way to forcing them to think in a certain way. The “nothing to do with islam” lie for example – what are the consequences to our society of having this shoved in our faces continually?

    • Good point. It does modify behavior, otherwise perfectly sensible people have essentially been trained to ignore reality and repeat that fallacy as if automatons.

  • Frau Katze

    But certain people like this (it was very much in vogue in the Soviet Union)

    On its own terms, political correctness is self-defeating. It drives away potential supporters, and substitutes linguistic change for social change. It replaces the desire to reform society with the desire to reform manners, and fails to understand that practised hypocrites and seasoned manipulators can meet the demand to observe correct form with ease. Indeed, they will welcome political correctness because it gives them new opportunities to intimidate and control.