Ooops…Many flaws in Maclean’s story about Winnipeg’s race problem

This looks pretty bad.

  • simus1

    It seems more than coincidental that all these front page fake Aboriginal sob stories with a pronounced lefty Liberal slant seem to slot into the post Christmas dead zone for news year after year. It’s almost as if the very much government over funded “Indian Industry” is invisible to the media party while Conervatives hold power in Ottawa.

    • It’s a reliably recyclable self-righteous cattle call to the MSM

  • tom_billesley

    Where there’s whites you know there’s racism, and all black-on-black or aborigine-on-aborigine violence will ultimately be put down to the stress of living next to whitey.

    • That’s because they’ve internalized the white man’s racism.

  • Exile1981

    The problem with people like the author is that claims of racism and fighting racism (even made up racism) give them street cred among their fellow lefty tools.

  • eMan14

    An obvious example of if you can’t find a story, make one up. Of course there is racism in Winnipeg. And pretty much anywhere else. But to lie and to insinuate for what? This person doesn’t deserve to be a journalist. But with the sad state of journalism in this country as it is… she is not that far from the middle, even though she’s at the bottom.

    • But only whites can be racist. The TDSB teaches that.

      • eMan14

        I hear ya. If we are going to get our society back to a level of normalcy, we need to start from the ground up. And that is our school system. Progressives, pervs, and leftoids need not apply.

  • I read this article last night.

    Nancy Macdonald is a hack. It’s out there in the open.

    Leftists, however, don’t care how partisan she was. That’s why they gobbled this article up.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    It’s nice to see a radio disk jockey taking on this issue.
    CJOB, aside from Adler, is CBC Lite.
    Listen to it for a while and you’ll hear the same style guide and talking points of CNN.
    Aside from that, I only wish that 92 SHITI FM was a station that played decent music.