New Zealand: Outrage at calls for Waitangi (Maori) burqa ban

Members of the public at Waitangi during the Waitangi Day dawn service (NZME.)

he banning of the burka at Waitangi has angered Maori and Muslims alike.
A call by a Ngapuhi hapu leader to ban the burqa at this year’s Waitangi Day celebrations has outraged Maori and Muslim.

Why would it ‘outrage’ Maoris when it is something totally alien to their culture?

Te Matarahurahu hapu elder David Rankin said the traditional Muslim dress should be banned at next week’s 175th anniversary at Waitangi because it symbolises “Islam’s direct threat to our rangatiratanga (sovereignty) and our culture”.

There is nothing “traditional” about the burqa. It doesn’t belong in New Zealand or anywhere else.

Mr Rankin said his comments were intended to spur debate about “droves” of Maori converting to Islam, a religion which he said “condemns cultures that do not comply with its rules”…