Muslim Association of Canada Shocked! Shocked! That Its Money Supported Terrorists

As expected the Muslim Association of Canada is shocked that the money it funneled to Hamas was traced, I mean that IRFAN Canada funneled its money to Hamas.

  • ArentIpretty

    Surprise, surprise, surprise.

  • Gary

    No big shock that CAIR too was linked to funding hamas. This while CAIR had a rep on the CBC since 9/11/01 banging the drum about the 99.99% of muslims the reject violence and terrorism .
    Poor Justin, he’s close to being the only one in Canada that doesn’t know the Islamists are here and raising money for terrorism. The Khard’s scam was that bogus Orphanage in Afghanistan use to funnel money to Jihadists. Jean Chretien aiding in the release of the Khadr Daddy dearest that went on to die in a battle as a terrorist fighter.
    Trudeau’s side kick for islamic relations is a whahhabi saudi tied to CAIR and Hamas. But the RCMP has Muslim Brotherhood islamists inside it and had turned them into the Keystone Kopps that chase islamophobes while islamists build bombs and plot against us .

    • wallyj180

      Justin knows.

      One of his top advisers, Omar Algahbra, was the president of the Canadian Arab Federation. They had their federal funding terminated because of their link to Hamas.

      Justin knows, but he doesn’t understand that when you lie dogs, you wake up with fleas.
      OTOH, he may realize the consequences, but believes that he control the outcome.
      Either way, we are screwed badly if he is elected.

      • Yup, it is why we need to fear Justin’s advisers, not the hair.

  • Its, not it’s.

    • Just a thought

      I get that wrong all the time, too.

      • Easy to prevent: just try saying “it is” instead.

        • just a thought

          “Stay out of the mine field, and you won’t get blown up.”
          Avi, where’s your sense of adventure?

          • I love English.

          • Bataviawillem

            I don’t share your love, just take the following words;
            No, now and know.
            Or a word like breakfast.
            The is no logic.
            I take math any day over English.

          • “Breakfast” is a good word (although an overrated meal). You’re breaking your fast. Kind of neat.

          • Bataviawillem

            You don’t notice the discrepancy between the spelling and pronunciation.
            If not familiar with this word you would never guess how to pronounce it.

          • The point is to identify and weed out presumptuous foreigners.

          • “There is no logic.” You should try French, much worse!

          • Bataviawillem

            I know, but a dislike of cauliflower does not turn broccoli into a delicacy. 😉

          • Every language has a rich history, and is full of hidden information. Linguistics is a very interesting subject.

          • Justin St.Denis

            I have a feeling your sentiments are not shared by Bataviawillem who has expressed disinterest in the why’s of language.

          • Mal

            If that’s an approval of “brassicaphobia”, I’m right beside you, Bataviawillem.
            I love the English language, but I can certainly see how words like “through”, “though”, “thought”, “cough”, “rough” etc. can make folk that have a different first language prefer the logic of numbers.

          • Just a thought

            I used to be a brassicaphile , but I overcame it.

            More food for thought…
            Latin and ancient Egyptian grammar doesn’t change, because they are “dead” languages.

          • just a thought
          • Just a thought

            ps – it’s “appendix D” waaaaay down at the bottom. Sorry.

          • German = case endings. The horror.

          • Justin St.Denis

            That last sentence is downright silly, pal. But maybe you are one if those unilinguak people who have problems with their own mother tongue. My experience has been that those who know their mother tongue well find it much easier to pick up another language. That is how it worked for me, anyway. My European-born wife spoke three languages when we met and has picked up three more over the years.

          • Just a thought

            You know what they say. “Love is blind.”

    • Minicapt

      Transgressivity: its an art.


    • Dana Garcia

      And the internets are so fixable, unlike print media (said from experience).

    • Ouch my bad.

  • wallyj180

    I also heard, though I don’t believe it, that the ‘religion of peace’ may not have anything to do with peace.

    I’m also shocked.

  • Censored_often

    As far as I’m concerned, and no doubt concerned readers of BCF and those in the general population, I think every mosque, Muslim organization, or Muslim so-called “charity” is a potential terrorism fundraising institution. No exceptions!

    • A minority of Moslems are currently ACTUAL terrorists, but most Moslems are POTENTIAL terrorrists, since the doctrine to which they adhere (Islam) is inherently terrorist.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Ithink silence in the face of terrorism if called COMPLICITY. Complicity with terrorism is way BEYOND “potential terrorist” level, IMHO.

        • Yes, that’s an issue too. If the ‘moderate’ Moslems are so moderate, why are they silent in the face of terrorism by their more ‘extreme’ brothers and sisters? Their silence suggests they are sitting in the wings waiting for their chance, waiting to take over when the time is ripe.

          • After attending numerous Al Quds Days in Toronto as well as the Usual anti-Israel protests of which there are too many to name it is evident that mainstream Muslims in Canada are not in any way “moderate”.

          • Yes, seeing videos of such events it is evident.

  • Mal

    So, MAC is a religious, educational, social, charitable organisation working to strengthen their communities in Canada, eh? That they will support any islamite organisation (no matter how repellant) as long as they possibly can – until a “de-listing as a charity by the Government of Canada” occurs – says all I need to know.
    Drop dead, you phoney, dissembling, invading schmucks.

  • Mal

    Here’s the sign on their headquarters…

    Cute how they have the red maple leaf representing Canada surrounded by the islamic crescent, huh? I don’t need to look any farther than that.

  • blablabla

    bullsh!t news from a zionist source

  • Chris

    Funny enough… They bought Cedar Grove private school after they went bankrupt. My kids attended that school the year prior to the bankruptcy. To think that BDO gladly liquidated the assets to this terrorist organization!!! A mr. Abouzad of Mississauga and mr. Chris Mazur are associated with the purchase.

    They gladly kept our security deposit for then 3 kids.

    Very shady dealings in the entire transition of this