Israeli Minister: ‘Only Europe Gives Us a Hard Time,’ EU Doesn’t Understand Terrorist Threat

Europeans are the only ones being difficult and not understanding the terrorist threat Israel faces, an Israeli minister told Daniel Hannan, a British member of the European Parliament, last week.

“It’s only Europe that gives us a hard time,” said the Israeli minister. “Yesterday, I had the Canadian foreign minister sitting where you’re sitting now. I had a cross-party delegation from the US Senate. I had ministers from India and Japan. All of them understood that Israel was facing a terrorist threat. But the EU starts from the assumption that we’re in the wrong.


  • A basic principle of the left, i.e. of communism (which is the ultimate inspiration of the left), is internationalism. The song of the Communist party, the Internationale, says it. The left wishes to remove all borders and constitute a world government, under their own omnipotent power (of course). For them, the UN is just a first step in that direction, likewise the EU. Israel does not fit into this ideal – it is a Jewish state, a haven for the Jewish people, a means for the Jewish people to express and develop their own destiny. The left does not want such dissenting voice around, and for that reason invented the narrative of a competing “Palestinian” people. This is their way to try and wear down Jewish nationalism (Zionism) and achieve their goal of world government, i.e. of world domination by the left. They also think that by supporting Islam they will accelerate that end result – all the while irresponsibly putting us all at risk of Islamic world domination.

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      Thanks for your efforts. I see the photo four times at my end right now.

  • luna

    More evidence Europe is abandoning traditional western values.

  • Censored_often

    The Eurabian left is profoundly anti-Israel as a result of importing tens of thousands of muzzies into its borders, mostly Turks into Germany, North Africans (Algerians, Moroccans, Tunisians, etc.) into France, Pakistanis into the UK, etc. The demography of the muzzies has steered the Leftists of Europe/Eurabia to alter former patterns of foreign policy. We can see the poisonous results today.

  • Reader

    There is no going back. Europe is lost and I can bet most of the rich socialists and communists who knowingly did this will move to New Zealand to escape the destruction they caused to their own countries.

  • Hard Little Machine

    No not exactly. The EU encourages terrorism because it will kill Jews. If that means that one or 11 EU states plummet back to the Dark Ages then that’s a price they’re happily willing to pay. Europe almost wiped itself out in WW2 in its last attempt to exterminate the Jews. 50,60,70 million dead? So what? 2/3rds of the Jews killed. That was the goal. A goal they’ve talked about for a thousand years.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Pourquoi? …because they have Crude Oil of their own.