ISIS execute man suspected of being gay, publicly behead man in Syrian town square for ‘insulting Allah’ as he screams for help

A man accused of homosexuality is led to the edge of a tall building by Islamic State fighters before being hurled down to his death, in an earlier episode in Iraq, January 2015.

BEIRUT: ISIS executed a man suspected of being gay in Tal Abyad city, in the northeast Syrian province of Hassakeh, the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights reported Wednesday. Fighters threw him off the top of a building, and when he did not die, they beat him to death, the monitoring group added.

Other ISIS news: A man was held down and beheaded for “insulting Allah” in the middle of a Syrian town by ISIS fighters as he screamed for help from the silent crowd.

Footage reportedly taken on Monday in the town of Al-Shadadi is the terror group’s latest show of brutality in its territories stretching from the Turkish border in Syria to northern Iraq.

Details of the man’s crime were unknown but his death was staged for maximum exposure in a public square.

A militant addressed the large crowd, which included children, as the man was restrained behind him claiming to carry out the “law of Allah” by executing him for allegedly insulting God…

The only peace in Islam is that of the grave.  But you still find this sort of thing all over the Internet: