I’m thinking of quitting the UK over rise in anti-Semitism, says Maureen Lipman; ends support for Labour

Tens of thousands gathered in London in solidarity with the besieged Palestinians of Gaza, July 2014. Source.

Maureen Lipman has said she is contemplating leaving the UK because of the ‘worrying’ rise of attacks on Jewish people.

Mrs Lipman, 71, said the Jewish community in Britain ‘give, give and give’ and described the recent rise in anti-Semitic attacks as ‘very, very depressing’.

The Educating Rita actress told LBC Radio: ‘When the economy dries up they turn on the usual suspect the Jew… and when the going gets tough the Jews get packing.’

When asked if she’d considered leaving the UK, Mrs Lipman replied: ‘Yes it’s crossed my mind that it’s time to look around for another place to live.

‘One school of thought says it’s because of Israeli policy in the Middle East, it isn’t. There’s been anti-Semitism for 4,000 years.’

Last year Mrs Lipman announced she was ending five decades of support for the Labour Party, as she furiously denounced Ed Miliband’s stance on Israel…

Labour is merely going where the votes are.