Government had warning about foreign workers and youth unemployment

OTTAWA—The Conservative government knew the temporary foreign worker program was causing pressure on youth employment almost a year before reforming the program, documents show.

In an August 2013 briefing note for Employment Minister Jason Kenney, department officials warned that industries which commonly employ young Canadians are also among the employers hiring the most temporary foreign workers.

“Five of the top six industries that employ the most youth were also in the top half of (temporary foreign worker) program users,” reads the document, prepared shortly after Kenney was appointed to the department.

  • Frau Katze

    I’m shocked, shocked!

  • FactsWillOut

    No doubt it’s illegal for employers to only hire Canadian citizens, and deny non-citizens out of hand.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      Its a lot cheaper to hire a foreigner with lots of illegal free overtime which the workers will put up with because the employer is in reality selling Canadian citizenship.

      Those having worked in Canada go to the front of the line to get full landed status in Canada.

      What a way for “free” enterprise to make money….. at this country’s expense.

  • jayme

    I live in a burb of Ottawa called Bells Corners now the youth say there is no jobs but there are for hire signs all over the place.

    • DD_Austin

      Why aren’t you applying for those great opportunities?

      • jayme

        I have a real good job but get fed up when teens etc say there is no work.

        • DD_Austin

          So good enough for them….

          But not good enough for you…

          • Alain

            That is nonsense since teens lack the work experience, training and maturity of older people. Every one of my four children, sons and daughters, were happy to find employment when teenagers. They worked at fast food places, supermarkets, a corner store, waited tables and a lot more. They benefited by learning a work ethic and not to consider any legal work demeaning. They worked their way through university to become responsible adult professionals, so let’s leave the crap of jobs no good enough for young Canadians as an excuse for refusing to work.

          • DD_Austin

            Right, while living at home, and getting loans and grants.
            otherwise subsidized jobs, and if they didn’t like them they
            could quit and run him to mommy. That isn’t making a living,
            that’s kegger cash.

            Supply and demand AKA Adam smith explains why those jobs aren’t filled. It also explains the FTW system, citizenship as payment via indentured servitude to top up the value of a shit job and fill it.

            Without government interference in supply and old
            “work ethnic” ie starve them into servitude ignorance
            , employers would have to pay more wages, and people would have more disposable money to buy products,
            employers would sell more and everyone would be
            better off, except people who like to keep people
            desperate and oppressed, and depend on handouts,
            like our government aka the poverty industry.

            “so let’s leave the crap of jobs no good enough for young Canadians as an excuse for refusing to work.”

            I agree, cause that isn’t the problem, the problem is
            jobs not good enough to survive in the market place
            as “jobs” They have to be subsidized. by parents, by government grants, by FTWs, by cutting off and
            starving people into them.


            BTW lap dancing and escort services are legal, and
            they’re trying to legalize prostitution, good student work?

  • BillyHW

    So sick and tired of those who sell out our nation.