Diversity dividend?

Dr. James Thompson of Psychological comments examines the so-called diversity dividend: the idea that having increasing diversity, meaning of course more women and non-whites, on boards of directors and in other positions in a company results in greater profit or a better stock market price.

Dr. Thompson finds the “data”, such as it is, all but completely lacking. There’s no empirical support for the idea.

Yet the good folks at Davos and in other centers of Hive Mind activity like academia constantly spout nonsense like the diversity dividend. My question is this: do they really believe their own BS?…

  • Just a thought

    What’s a 9 letter word that’s a synonym for “suicide?”

  • nobull

    yeah, just ask the former CEO of McDonalds how that diversity is working out.

    His big contribution? Mcwings *shocker his contribution was a big fat BUST and it’s so stereotypical*


    • Just a thought


      • nobull

        made me bust a gut – thank you.

  • Free enterprise is a non-discriminating endeavor. Business people do not care in any way what about the gender or color of their customers or suppliers. Most of the time they do not know.

    I ran a successful business for an extended period of time. The bottom line was my only concern.

    The only way to succeed is to provide value to your customers. If you do that, you will be successful, regardless of who you are.

    Why is business dominated by so many white, Indian and Chinese males? Easy. They know the game is tough. They do not make excuses. And they work hard. The very same reason why so many black men succeed in professional sports.

    Business decisions based on the bottom line are diversity blind. Get use to it. It makes us all stronger.

    • nobull

      IMO you fuggin hit the nail on the HEAD

      “Business decisions based on the bottom line are diversity blind”

      Always has been, always will be. The idea of hiring someone who is wrong for the job just because they are white is absurd – as is hiring someone who is wrong for the job because of skin color/discrimination suit is absurd (yet this happens all the time – just so we all get along).

      It’s also why colleges accept lower scores – all in the name of diversity. I’d have to look it up – there was a study that found those with lower scores more often ended up failing out BUT with a load of school debt – this is a disservice to everyone.

  • minuteman

    Well, if IBM had a female CEO it wouldn’t have to lay off 100,000 workers, oh wait…