Christianity’s crisis deepens as ethnic Danes convert to Islam in their thousands

Jostling for column space with a story about another Danish priest who doesn’t believe in the resurrection of Jesus is a report about how more ethnic Danes than ever are converting to Islam.

In spite of the negative image in the media, Muslim organisations and mosques report growing numbers of Danes becoming interested in their religion.

“This year’s attendance figures have been high, presenting a huge increase, just as we saw during the Jyllands-Posten crisis,” Imran Shah, a spokesman for the Islamic Society, told Metroxpress.

Need to believe in something

Danes often decide to convert to Islam because their partner is a Muslim or because they live near a Muslim community and become interested in the religion…

It wouldn’t be so bad without the “black hole” effect: conversion is a one-way street. You do hear about a few Muslims converting to Christianity but they are either taking big risks or may be shunned by their families.