Armed ‘hacker’ enters Dutch TV station, demands airtime

THE HAGUE — A gunman who stormed into the headquarters of Dutch national broadcaster NOS demanding airtime Thursday night claimed to be from a “hackers’ collective,” according to a reporter who spoke to the man.

NOS was off-air for around an hour. When it came back on-air, it showed recorded footage of the man, wearing a black suit, white shirt and black tie, and carrying a pistol.

Speaking to a man off camera, the man said, “We are hired in by intelligence agencies.” Shortly after, police arrived and ordered the man to drop the weapon and put his hands in the air. Four or five police officers then ordered him to lie down, which he did and he was arrested without a struggle.

There was no immediate indication that the incident was terror-related…

Sounds like terrorism to me: I wonder if they meant: “Islam-related.”