And no sluts walked…

Muslims never microaggress, they stomp.

The picture above is a Toronto Mosque. This is the backwards mentality that your government has imported enmasse.

If you raise your voice against it you will be labelled racist by that same government, the media and the liberal-left.

When it comes to the matter of Muslim immigration and its deleterious impact on Canadian society the disconnect between ordinary Canadians and the political and chattering classes grows wider every day.

Here’s an illustrative snapshot. Last night at the Steyn book signing, Heather Reisman Indigo’s CEO stated that she was flabbergasted to read about the TDSB’s submission to Islam and their enforcement of sharia law at Valley Park Middle School.

So shocked was Heather that she researched the story just to be sure “she had the facts” implying politely in my view that she suspected Mark Steyn was lying.

I at first found it odd that an obviously well connected, well read and well traveled woman who just happens to own Canada’s largest bookstore chain could miss a story that jumped from this blog to make national and international news.

But then again why would Heather ever be troubled by mere local concerns?

You see multiculturalism likely means no more than some great restaurants to Heather.

The Toronto Star had the Valley Park story months before I did.

They refused to print it.

Remember, just lay back, close your eyes and think of the restaurants.

  • Uncle_Waspy

    How could Heather not know about the Valley Park story?
    That’s an easy one: People see what they want to see.

    • I am not surprised, the same people will to lie to our face and repeat that each days Muslim atrocity has nothing to do with Islam.

      • Martin B

        Give Heather a bit of credit for being shocked & appalled by sharia segregation in her city. Remember that plenty of dhimmis at the TDSB & elsewhere knew about it all along and APPROVED it.

        • Good point.

          • Exile1981

            I have met people high up in oil companies that only read the news articles that their admin or legal staff send them to read as anything else is unimportant to the job they are doing and so they never see the news.

            Also depending on what news source she reads that could be a major bias in her knowledge. We all know people who only listen or watch CBC and assume CBC is not filtering or modifying the news.

          • Very true.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Is anyone so stupid as to think CBC is objective? I seriously doubt even Heather Reisman is THAT naive/stupid.

          • Justin St.Denis

            HR does have a sense of PR. I doubt her “shocked and appalled” whatever to be authentic. THAT was MARKETING.

        • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

          ‘Remember that plenty of dhimmis at the TDSB & elsewhere knew about it all along and APPROVED it.’

          Ain’t that the truth, Martin……

    • Because even news from major news agencies sometimes has kernels of truth in it (sometimes) and therefore cannot be watched lest it upset an ideological apple cart.

  • mauser 98

    apologies …off topic…. had to read this 3 times..yikes

    “Trudeau wrote in a newspaper that he was passionate about politics but
    admitted: “I don’t read the newspapers. I don’t watch the news. I
    figure, if something important happens, someone will tell me.”

    “Trudeau draws large crowds and has elicited comparisons to the Kennedy dynasty and the Obama campaigns”

    “Trudeau admires how, in his view, Obama transformed grassroots democracy.”

    • I will check this out, have to run an errand.

    • Mal

      It’s S.O.P. for politicians of Obama’s and Trudeau’s ilk.
      How many times has a phrase similar to “I only just heard about it” been uttered by the owner of the feet on the Resolute desk?
      Given the state of reporting in modern media their avoidance of that media isn’t altogether a bad thing. However, it does protect them from uncomfortable truths about local and international public opinion.
      I have a notion that most of these putzes don’t or can’t read anything!

      • mauser 98

        OK …then he is not even a good liar
        if i was running for PM i would tell you i was most informed man in the world

    • See- he is the Canadian Obama.

  • Kinneddar

    Why is it that the mosque entrance for women (who are greatly “honoured” in Islam, we’re told) is always down a side alley, or around at the back of a building? If women are truly equal in Islam (but still must be segregated for some “cultural” reason) why not have two identical front entrances? Well, why not?

    As for Heather Reisman not knowing about the Valley Park issue, this isn’t surprising. This is a major issue in the assimilation (or not) of Muslims into Canadian society, but in the circles she moves in it’s probably not PC to talk about this – these things are just not on her radar.

    • Yup, she gets to preach multiculturalism and feel good without ever having to confront it head on.

  • David Murrell

    I recall a number of months ago, CBC News was interviewing Muslims coming out of a given mosque, having to do with some Islamic issue, which now escapes me. So the interviewer interviewed a number of male Muslims (with other males exiting the mosque during the interview, as the interview was proceeding). The thought struck me that, clearly, women were exiting the mosque from a side entrance.

    But not once did the CBC news interviewer take note of this segregation. The male responses were sufficient for the interview. That there is segregation is taken as a given by our media cartel.

    As for Heather Reisman, I actually do not blame her, since the major national media cartel censored the story. It made the Star’s back pages, SunNews, maybe a small article in the National Post, but that’s it. Reisman’s naivite is simply a product of our media cartel’s censorship. The national media cartel censored the story, given that it did not want to report anything negative about Islamic practices.

    • Actually David it did receive wider coverage than that.

  • Censored_often

    Ah, the halal restaurants, the shawarmas and falafels! Muslim immigration colonization of Canada is wonderful for the tastebuds.

    Well, that is, one must first ignore the creeping implementation of sharia law, increasing foreign ownership of our property and assets by Saudi princes and other muzzie radicals, increasing gender inequality – as the above photo on Danforth Ave. in downtown Toronto clearly shows – the unholy alliance with leftists and socialists, and so on and so on and so on!

    Thank you to the freedom fighters in Canada and abroad: Mark Steyn, BCF, Michael Coren, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Pat Condell, Melanie Phillips, Douglas Murray, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and many others. We need one hundred times your small quantity, but are certainly making some headway. 🙂

    • The left and Islam share an equally perverse puritanism.

      • FactsWillOut

        …for the children.

  • Is the word “sister” supposed to mollify the female masses into thinking that they are prized somehow?

    It’s segregation.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Do they have sister drinking fountains too?

  • glasnost

    Canadian “beer parlours” used to have two entrances: “Men” and “Ladies and Escorts”. At least once you were inside everyone could sit together.

    • FactsWillOut

      I have no problems with traditional taverns, which didn’t allow women in at all.

    • Fran800

      Wasn’t it “Ladies” and “Ladies and Escorts”. The rationale was to keep out men who would go to bars to pick up or molest women.

  • Iamnotweetoddit

    Immigrate, infiltrate, caliphate. Wash, rinse, repeat. Any questions Heather?

  • Justin St.Denis

    As I posted elsewhere in this site, Heather Reisman is not that bright a person. I was surprised when I met her the first time just how pedestrian her mind actually is. Subsequent encounters did nothing to dispel that first impression. OTOH, she does LOOK pretty good for a woman her age, so she deserves some credit for not turning into a big fat veranda like so many others do.