And no sluts walked…

Muslims never microaggress, they stomp.

The picture above is a Toronto Mosque. This is the backwards mentality that your government has imported enmasse.

If you raise your voice against it you will be labelled racist by that same government, the media and the liberal-left.

When it comes to the matter of Muslim immigration and its deleterious impact on Canadian society the disconnect between ordinary Canadians and the political and chattering classes grows wider every day.

Here’s an illustrative snapshot. Last night at the Steyn book signing, Heather Reisman Indigo’s CEO stated that she was flabbergasted to read about the TDSB’s submission to Islam and their enforcement of sharia law at Valley Park Middle School.

So shocked was Heather that she researched the story just to be sure “she had the facts” implying politely in my view that she suspected Mark Steyn was lying.

I at first found it odd that an obviously well connected, well read and well traveled woman who just happens to own Canada’s largest bookstore chain could miss a story that jumped from this blog to make national and international news.

But then again why would Heather ever be troubled by mere local concerns?

You see multiculturalism likely means no more than some great restaurants to Heather.

The Toronto Star had the Valley Park story months before I did.

They refused to print it.

Remember, just lay back, close your eyes and think of the restaurants.