Winnipeg to launch website seeking ideas on eliminating racism

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman says he wants ideas on how to eliminate racism in the city, and he’s setting up a website where people can submit their thoughts.

Bowman says, which will be launched in the near future, will offer a way to open up a public conversation about racism and look at ways of dealing with the issue.

“Regardless if you’re indigenous or not, this affects all of us as a community,” he told Marcy Markusa of CBC’s Information Radio Tuesday from Connie’s Corner Cafe in Winnipeg’s North End.

“So what I want is I want people to reach out to us through the website and let us know how they think we can improve things collaboratively.”

Bowman and Point Douglas NDP MLA Kevin Chief, who is also Manitoba’s minister of jobs and economy, were responding to an article by Maclean’s magazine last week claiming that Canada’s race issues were at their worst in Winnipeg…