Wanna beat up Jewish Pornographers for corrupting Muslims? Calgary is your kinda town!

It’s come to pass that not only can you promote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and not be deemed anti-semitic but now you can beat Jews as well without fear of serious consequence in the fair city of Calgary.

In the video below Samantha Hamilton and Jake Birrell discuss how they were victimized by a violent pro-Palestinian protester in Calgary last summer. Their attacker was only sentenced to probation.

You can read the Agreed Statement of Fact from the case below.

Agreed statement of facts – Calgary Muslim Assault

Previously Calgary’s crack hate crime choreographer declared that promoting the protocols did not mean you were anti-semitic, he also gave a pass to these other sincerely held beliefs found on the Muslims of Calgary web site;

Muslims Of Calgary Hate Screeds Collection

Muslims Of Calgary: Quote Protocols Of Elders Of Zion To Prove Freemasonry A Jewish Plot

Muslims Of Calgary: Jewish Pornographers Destroy Nations By Seducing & Degrading Women

Muslims Of Calgary: Call to Jihad – The Jews Have Been The Enemies Of The Ummah Since Allah Began His Call

Muslims Of Calgary: Jews Corrupt Muslims To Steal Their Land

  • Alain

    I hold the authorities responsible from the start. First for allowing these barbarians into my country. Second for not immediately charging and arresting the perpetrators. Third for the Crown acting like the Defence instead of the prosecutor. Total betrayal of Canadians and Canada.

  • roccolore

    Can Calgary be considered a “no-go zone” now?

    • Frau Katze

      Parts of it are likely dicey.

  • Oracle9

    Many thanks to Ezra for his extraordinary personal work in bringing this to
    light, since the authorities and most media refuse to do so. I know
    there are many Sun News readers and viewers, also BCF readers, who will
    take up Ezra’s call to attend the hearings against the adult thugs at
    Calgary Courtroom 306 at 9AM Feb. 9 to increase awareness that proper
    justice must be served.

  • Screenshots = Zionist plot!

  • Minicapt

    If he was born in 1997, he cannot have been born in “Palestine”.


    • Justin St.Denis

      Indeed! As a matter of fact, the word “Palestinian” wasn’t used to describe those barbarians until sometime in the early 1960s. They are not “Palestinian” any more than they are Swiss or Australian.