Tasnim News: Iranian MP Highlights West’s Fear of Islam’s Growth

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vahid-ahmediVahid Ahmadi

“Freedom of expression is just an excuse for the West. They are fearful of people’s interest in Islam … and that is why they resort to such insults,” Vahid Ahmadi, chairman of the parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee said.

He was referring to the recent publication of a blasphemous cartoon of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by the French weekly magazine, Charlie Hebdo…

…Ahmadi underlined that the West has been inciting Islamophobia to prevent western people from getting attracted to Islam.

“They (westerners) do everything they can to stop the spread of Islam,” he stated, adding that insulting Islamic sanctities and giving rise to terrorist groups like ISIL to tarnish the image of Islam are among the measures taken by the West to that end…

So Islamophobia really is fear and not “hate”?

People need to keep this and other insane garbage from Iranian sites mind when reading Ayatollah’s latest “peace offering.”