McGill Daily op-ed: ‘The McGill Daily is too polite’

Twitter pic of author Hera Chan: Her bio: “photographer / @ckut loafter / former @mcgilldaily ed // views are my own, Montreal • unceded mohawk land”

Last week’s Daily editorial titled “Cartoons with a context” (January 9, page 19) denounced the mainstream media’s reaction to the Charlie Hebdo events. The totally inoffensive editorial took a good liberal’s standpoint, that is: Islamophobia is bad, and the media shouldn’t frame terrorism to support those dichotomies. Racism was mentioned once, in regards to the content Charlie Hebdo actually puts forth into the world.

Criticizing mainstream media is crucial, but should it make up the message of a whole editorial? The Daily’s editorial board reserves the second last page of every print edition to voice their collective concern, outrage, and calls for action. Throughout this entire academic year, the editorial board has taken no audacious stances – that is, using their platform to incite discussion – but instead, have behaved rather politely.

I start with the Charlie Hebdo editorial also because of its lack of discussion of systemic racism…