Guantanamo order barring touching by women guards harmful: commander

A guard walks through a cellblock inside Camp V, a prison used to house detainees at Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base, March 5, 2013. REUTERS/BOB STRONG

(Reuters) – A Guantanamo Bay military court order banning female guards from touching an accused al Qaeda commander harms soldiers’ morale and security at the prison, the commander of the prison’s secret lockup for former CIA captives testified on Wednesday.

The November interim order bars female guards from touching Abd al Hadi al Iraqi, who faces war crimes charges. Iraqi, who is accused of leading attacks in Afghanistan, says that being touched by women guards violates his Muslim faith.

The commander of Camp Seven, the secret part of the prison in Cuba where the United States keeps former Central Intelligence Agency captives, said the order by Judge Navy Captain J.K. Waits had made guard scheduling difficult and had sent female soldiers’ morale plummeting.

“We have a motto, ‘One team, one fight.’ Now I have one male team and one female team,” said the Army National Guard military police officer. He testified under a pseudonym during a hearing to determine whether the interim order should stand…

  • mauser 98

    women? sure beats groping from Achmed the Sheep Shagger

  • Martin B

    Who’s worse, the murdering goafucker for having the gall to make demands on the US military, or the Navy judge for pandering to those demands? I’m going with the judge.

  • luna

    I’m not a lawyer, but…

    This dude belongs to a death cult.

    If you believe he misunderstands Islam, then there is no reason to accommodate him.

    If you believe he correctly understands Islam then there is no reason to accommodate him.

    Either way, this is stupid.

  • eMan14

    So if this guy was going to fall to his death, and a female guard was near and able to pull him away from the ledge, she won’t be allowed to? Have I got that right? Maybe it should be an all female crew working that prison.

    • Frau Katze

      I think you have it right. I’ve read of Muslim women who would prefer death to being touched by, say, male rescuers in an earthquake.

    • Exile1981

      You really want to piss him off make it only female guards who are menstruating. In islam being touched by a menstruating women makes you unclean and unfit for entry to allah’s paradise, so no 72 virgins for you.

  • bob e

    islamic stupidity. western dhimmitude ..
    these *fighters* ?? love their young boys
    & goats .. eh ??

  • Bending the rules to conform to sharia law.

    Let’s hear it for Obama, the Muslim.

    Expect the absurd from him as his presidency winds down.

  • Gary

    So these rabid savages ARE muslims , just like the Toronto-18 muslim terrorists that are in prison and have the quruan and a prayer rug.
    Hmmm , so why did Sheema Khan from the hamas-linked CAIR try to tell us that any of the terrorists that hijacked islam and NOt muslims.
    Maybe the CBC should bring Khan back in the studio for her definition of a muslim because GITMO prison treats the self-professed muslims like muslims. The muslim terrorists in our prison sure think they are muslims and they demand prayer rugs and Halal meals. CAIR would be the first islamic org to whine if a muslims didn’t get special treatment in prison for Halal food .

  • Minicapt

    Girls have cooties, obviously.


  • simus1

    What if only the billy club or electric cattle prod held by the female guard touches him?