German students complain they were forced to attend Anti-PEGIDA Rally

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Lübeck . 1000 students of the five schools of Lübeck Europe demonstrated on Wednesday at the Klingenberg peacefully with colorful posters for the values ​​of freedom, diversity, openness, respect, tolerance, freedom of expression and religious freedom, human dignity and freedom of the press. The schools and the police gave a positive assessment. However, some students and parents to practice in hindsight criticism of the event.

On the Facebook page of LN online, there was a lively discussion . The students were forced to march to the prosecution. “That was a compulsory event for us students. I had to be there and my presence was verified, “one student wrote on Facebook. “That was so decided the school management. There was no organized way to make lessons, “said another student.

The heads of the five European schools reject the allegations. “The demonstration was recognized as a school event, so that the parties are insured on the way,” says Stephan Cosmos, head of the Friedrich-List-school. In any case, are only the students have been affected, that would have resulted in the seventh and eighth hour lessons. All other participating were free.

In addition, the teachers should have agreed in advance to the Emil Possehl and the Friedrich-List-school with the students, whether they wish to participate.

At the Ernestine School parents were informed in advance. An apology would have been possible. Students who do not wish to participate in the demonstration were allowed to stay away from school. And: “At the TMS lessons after the sixth hour all was over,” says principal Peter Flittiger. Participation in the demo was accordingly voluntary. So also in the Baltic School. “We had testimony conferences,” says principal Maik Abshagen.

In addition, all schools indicate that it was not a political event – it is therefore not too concerned opinions. It should be recalled only to the obvious fundamental values.

Source h/t ULHS