French government confirms several soldiers desert to join ISIS and other radical groups

Nearly 10 French soldiers desert special forces unit to join Islamic State fighters

The French government has confirmed that several of it’s soldiers have deserted the country’s special forces to join Jihadists fighting for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Around ten soldiers, including former paratroopers and French foreign legionnaires, are assumed to be fighting on behalf of different Jihadist groups, including the Islamic State. Most worrying of all are deserters from France’s elite Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment, one of the most experienced special forces units in Europe.

These individuals are highly trained, with expert knowledge of operating and maintaining a variety of military grade weapons, vehicles and equipment.

One of the defectors has apparently become leader of an Islamic group operating in Syria, composed of trained militants born in France. Others, thought to be in their twenties, are explosive experts. Some of the defectors had converted to Islam, while others were radicalized French citizens from an Arab-Muslim background, according to Radio France International…