France prayer rug artwork pulled over Muslim concerns

French-Algerian artist Zoulikha Bouabdellah (photo credit: YouTube screen cap)

NANTERRE, France — An art installation showing high heels on Islamic prayer rugs was pulled from an exhibition near Paris after a Muslim group complained the work could provoke “uncontrollable” reactions, the artist said Tuesday.

“Silence,” which has already been shown in Paris, Berlin, New York and Madrid, was supposed to go on display in Clichy La Garenne, which is just north of the capital, in a woman-themed art show.

But French-Algerian artist Zoulikha Bouabdellah decided to replace the work after a local Muslim group told Town Hall last week that “uncontrollable, irresponsible incidents could result” if the installation was shown there…

  • AmicusC

    another victory of free speech lol. maybe people need to have some bigger stones. put out provocative material let the lunatics come out then we proceed to cull the herd.

  • Exile1981

    provoke “uncontrollable” reactions

    That statement alone proves that the followers of this death cult do not belong in the western free world and should be banished back to the hell holes they created until they learn enough about self control to come back to the adult table.

  • Oops. There goes all the French bravado about defending free speech. That was quick! Je ne suis plus Charlie, on dirait.