Feds outline more details of upcoming anti-terror bill

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney assures the government’s new terror bill expected Friday will be in “full compliance with Canadian law.”

The bill is expected to include provisions to allow “preventative arrests” and criminalize the “promotion of terror” — measures law enforcement has indicated would help detain potential terrorists before a crime is actually committed.

Asked to explain how the government will criminalize the promotion of terrorism, Blaney said the Criminal Code already contains provisions on “supporting hatred or violence.”

“It is really criminal to incite terror, to support terrorism or to encourage to use violence to achieve your means,” Blaney said.

  • cmh

    If the current laws prohibit ‘the supporting of hatred or violence’ as Blaney points out, then why are the Koranic texts not banned? The world’s biggest inciter of hatred and violence is the Koran and its accompanying literature. It is these vile and disgusting writings which are the root of Islamic terrorism.

  • DD_Austin

    Import the problem
    Use the problem to create a police state

    Thanks Steve
    your place in hell’s 9th circle is reserved, between Pierre Trudeau and Vidkun Quisling


  • FactsWillOut

    Hmm, seems insulting Islam cause them to freak out and commit acts of terror, so I guess Harper is going to outlaw insulting Islam, just like to OIC wants.

  • Alain

    It is already a criminal offence to incite violence, especially murder, but the authorities refuse to apply the law and the government says we need another law for the same thing. The case in Calgary is another example of the authorities refusing to do their job. Rabid Muslims attacked and injured peaceful protestors and what happened. First the cops did nothing, when finally forced to act much later charged and arrested a few only to have the Crown acting like the defence for the criminals. Last on stage came the “judge” with an outrageous ruling. I am sorry but the whole thing stinks to high heaven.