Evening photo: Sunset on the River Brue, Somerset

The sun rises over the River Brue on the Somerset Levels as temperatures in parts of the south west drop below freezing. January 2015. Ben Birchall/PA

  • bob e

    england has the most beautiful names for things..what a gift of
    expression ..

  • AlanUK

    I used to live close to the Somerset Levels and it’s a misty place (sorry, MYSTIC place) with many stories and legends including those of Joseph of Arimathea bringing Jesus as a child to the area and to the mineral deposits of the Mendip Hills. There are legends associating them both with Priddy (in the Mendips) and Glastonbury. Before they were drained there were large areas of marsh and lakes with islands on which people built.
    Did the legends come before the mystic feel of the place or did the mystic feel arise from the legends (and maybe the reality …)? Who knows. A lovely, flat, still place with big skies as brought out in the photograph.