Douglas Murray – No Go Zones

Douglas Murray on Jeremy Vince discussing recent claims about ‘No Go Zones’ in Europe.

This is a tough listen as Murray shares the stage with an apologist American Prof, who incidentally is damn liar.

  • bob e

    murray use to be a little more conciliatory .. he’s gettin less patient
    & lots meaner .. i kinda dig it.

    • Hard not to be with that idiot leftist.

    • Doug Kursk

      He’s a FOX hater too. That needs to be addressed.

  • Brett_McS

    I would recommend James Delingpole’s podcast (Radio Free Delingpole). The recent one has Douglas on for an excellent interview on the topic du jour. Typical of Deller’s wicked sense of camp humour, he remarks at the end “That was a great interview, Douglas. You know, if I were Stephen Fry I would marry you, rather than that other bloke”. That cracked me up. You need to know that Douglas Murray is gay (and that Dellers isn’t, somewhat surprisingly) and you can actually see him cringing even though it’s only audio and you only faintly hear “oh, God”.

  • Hard Little Machine

    What no one is addressing is that the backlash to attack Murray and others isn’t because it’s not true it’s because it is. But more succinctly why do European elites want to cover up the fact of them? I suspect it’s because Europe is moving to create actual, legal, Islamic Autonomous Regions inside their own countries. Not the messy housing projects where Muslims are allowed to run according to sharia and the police, fire, EMS and other municipal services don’t operate but actual states within a state that are run without civil or national law – adhering strictly to Islamic law with Muslims running them however they like. Europeans are hoping they don’t become armed and start firing over the virtual walls of their mini-nations but that’s obviously going to happen anywhere. But rest assured they’ll blame it on the Jews

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Dialogue? Scare-Mongering? I think the prof has never heard about ANY of that old muzzle’em Joooo-hate stuff that’s been going on for more than a while…..

  • Morticiaa

    perceptual differences
    I would call an elementary school where the majority population
    Was middle eastern residents and the site
    Of dozens of young girls aged 5 to 12 wearing
    In CANADA their heads covered
    a NO GO ZONE for me
    Because I sure as fuck would not send my kids there
    Nor had I still been teaching and at this young level
    Would I ever have worked in this type of disgusting place
    In Canada
    Yet these places do now exist here in Canada
    How disgusting and un canadian
    It is not cute any mor to pretend we are being tolerant
    When a close friend of mine A teacher from Haiti
    First moved to toronto, I helped her to stay away from
    The ghetto areas Jane finch and some Scarborough
    Areas so she could raise her son in the integrated
    Areas and free from the gang mentality that prevails in the go go arenas in canadian cities

    No go fo decent whites, blacks! Browns, who want to integrate and who see
    Integration as more important and .Canada before their country of origin
    I hope that stupid cunt mayor in France does sue Fox News for the exaggerated yet based on Extreme muslim populations in , comment made by Emerson
    Because at least in an American court the facts will come out