Canadian expert: What occurred in Paris was theater on a grand scale

The internet is a very funny place…but this guy is serious. h/t Winston

-As you know, France experienced terrorist attacks carried out by extremists; are some (currents) using these events to stir Islamophobia?

Kevin Galalae: “No terrorist attack took place in France. What occurred was theater on a grand scale. It was clear that the video clip showing the so-called execution of a police officer in the street was not genuine since the masked actors masquerading as terrorists were shooting blanks. It was equally clear that the army of police officers “storming” the kosher food store where a different terrorist was allegedly holding Jewish hostages were also shooting blanks. There are other telltale signs – beyond the obvious fact that it involves heroes and villains from all three monotheistic religions – that the Paris incident was staged and orchestrated, such as the identification left behind in the back seat of the getaway car by one of the “terrorists”, the fact that the “terrorists” escaped and managed to leave Paris despite the full mobilization of the security apparatus, and that none of the “terrorists” were caught alive. None were caught alive because there are no terrorists and the Paris “attacks” could only be sold as a one act play.”


  • Nutcase – and criminal.

    • Kevin Galalae

      What is criminal is your stupidity, Avi, to buy wholesale the charade of yet another false flag event meant to deceive and manipulate the feebleminded.

  • David Murrell

    I did a Yahoo search, and searched the Elections Canada list of political parties, and there is no such thing as the “Human Rights Party of Canada” — and this goes to show one the integrity of the Iranian press source for the posted story on this wing-nut.

    Here is another missive from the good, learned professor (an immigrant from Romania, btw):

    where he says Muslims are not at fault for the murders that went on in Paris.

    This crazed fool teaches at the University of Victoria. Here he is in full glory:

    • Rosenmops

      He is not a prof, just an alumnus. Thank goodness.

    • Frau Katze

      He has that in his bio on his Facebook page.

      • Rosenmops

        He says he teaches at UVIC on his Facebook page? I just saw where he claims to be a McGill graduate.

        He also write this on his Facebook page:

        This is a historic document. One day it will be looked upon with the same reverence as the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

        I am publishing it unfinished in case I will be arrested in Romania where I am moving to in a couple of days. It has taken me four months of intense work to draft the current 888 pages

        Batshit crazy narcissist. Thanks, government, for importing this lunatic.

        • Frau Katze

          No, just the stuff about the Human Rights Party. A complete fruitcake. He’s says his children have been taken from him “by forces of evil”.

          • Rosenmops

            Crazy as a shit house rat.

        • Kevin Galalae

          Here is what this “crazy narcissist” has done for you and your children, Rosenmops (what kind of name is that?) and Frau Katze:

          (excerpt from my latest book “Peace Without Poison”)

          Numbers, unlike people,
          do not lie.

          The numbers presented
          in this epic document confirm the existence of a global program of population
          control that has been carefully concealed from the public since its inception
          in 1945 and shatter fabricated notions perpetuated to confuse and confound
          inquiring minds lest they stumble upon the frightening truth that the
          international framework for peace is based on genocide.

          They confirm that the
          architects of the Global Depopulation Policy, the Allied Powers, have always
          had the best intentions in mind and that the executors of these intentions, the
          United Nations and governments around the world, have acted in good faith,
          though not in good conscience, forced by dire circumstances and insurmountable
          obstacles to choose the lesser evil for the greater good.

          They confirm that the
          secret war on human fertility is seven decades old and that the entire world is
          a battlefield and every human being on the planet a target, a victim and a

          They confirm that this
          is both the most insidious and most humane war in human history and that all
          governments are enlisted by mutual coercion mutually agreed upon and harnessed
          to be reluctant allies against a single common foe, population growth, which
          requires a full and frontal attack on human fertility.

          They confirm that
          people around the world are being poisoned into subfertility and infertility by
          covert chemical, biological and bacteriological means in a desperate attempt to
          prevent nuclear annihilation, mass starvation and environmental devastation.

          They confirm that
          unless proactively defused the overpopulation bomb explodes first into poverty,
          which begets desperation and ultimately war.

          They confirm that
          contraceptives, however sophisticated, and abortion, however easily obtainable,
          cannot depress fertility to the needed replacement level unless buttressed by
          firm legislation, because the joy of sex and the love of children are more
          powerful than any national and international prerogatives.

          They confirm that the
          Global Depopulation Policy has many justifications, depending on the time and
          place, and that all of them are sound:

          the Axis Powers (Germany, Japan, Italy and their co-belligerents) at the
          end of World War II;

          tensions along the Iron Curtain to prevent war between the East and the
          West, between the communist and capitalist blocs;

          wars (ex. Vietnam, Korea);

          precious resources;

          volatile borders quiet (North and South Korea, Pakistan and India);

          development (in Latin America and South-East Asia);

          countries out of abject poverty (Africa); and

          island nations from rising sea levels due to anthropogenic climate change
          (throughout the Pacific Region).

          More than anything, the
          numbers show that heads of state and heads of government around the world have
          chosen to poison their people into sterility and commit genocide to lift their
          nations out of poverty and keep them prosperous and that in order to succeed
          they have made a cold and calculated decision to sacrifice their people’s
          fundamental rights and basic health as well as rob them of the joy of
          parenthood for the sake of national prosperity and international peace. While the pursuit of stable populations has
          not always kept the peace, it has always and unfailingly resulted in growing
          affluence and longer lifespans.

          While the affluence is
          poorly distributed and grossly concentrated and the longer lifespans are not
          accompanied by better health but enabled by better medicine, they are
          preferable to the poverty trap that have imprisoned the nations whose leaders
          have refused to poison their people and to the short and miserable lives of
          those trapped in abject poverty.

          The hard cold reality
          that is revealed by the unapologetic honesty of numbers is that population
          control is an absolute and inescapable necessity on a finite planet and that
          the sooner this reality is freed from the confinement of state secrecy and
          embraced by an enlightened populace the sooner we can have peace without
          poison. Accepting this reality and
          embodying it in our actions requires no acts of bravery or intellectual feats
          from any of us. It requires only that we
          limit ourselves to just two children for the sake of peace on earth, of future
          generations, and of environmental wellbeing.

          The world’s growing
          complexity has multiplied the Global Depopulation Policy’s roles: from
          punishing and disarming World War II foes, to preserving international peace,
          to safeguarding crucial natural resources, and finally to protecting the
          environment. And with each role added to
          its core responsibility, which is to preserve international peace and prevent
          nuclear war, its impetus and urgency have grown along with its scale and scope.

          To meet these multiple
          and vast responsibilities the population control arsenal at the disposal of the
          UN and its member states has also grown correspondingly.

          Once universal and
          compulsory education for boys and girls as well as delayed marriage reached
          their limits by the early 1950s in how far they could suppress family size,
          governments fully deployed fluoride, be it in water (both tap and bottled),
          salt, milk, supplements, dental care products, and in direct oral applications,
          under the pretext of combatting tooth decay.
          To date, the reproductive systems of more than two billion people in
          high- and middle-income countries are being subverted in this fashion,
          especially since the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared fluoride,
          which is a deadly poison, an essential mineral and changed the Codex
          Alimentarius, which regulates the international
          standards and codes related to food production and food safety, so it could be
          added to milk products by compliant genocidal corporations without being
          labelled. Men are especially vulnerable
          to this method of sterilization and as a result of it boys suffer
          disproportionately from an epidemic of developmental disorders that in the
          meantime affect 15% of all male children in the developed world and a growing
          number of boys in the developing world.

          By the 1960s, the oral
          contraceptive pill and Depo-Provera injections were promoted as voluntary
          methods of birth control in developing nations and involuntarily or unknowingly
          forced on women throughout the developing world. To date, more than a billion women of
          reproductive age worldwide are temporarily sterilized in this fashion with dire
          effects on their health, as attested by an epidemic of breast cancer as well as

          In Africa, the HIV/AIDS
          virus was unleashed in the late 1970s to wreak havoc on the immune system and
          thus increase morbidity and mortality in countries where depopulation
          objectives could not be accomplished from the front end of life, by limiting
          birth, and could only be accomplished from the back end of life, by increasing
          death. The virus was also designed to
          alter the sexual practices of Africans where polygamy and promiscuity were the
          norm and through fear of infection limit sexual intercourse with multiple
          partners and prevent childbearing out of wedlock, as well as increase the use
          of condoms throughout the world. To date, the entire world lives in fear of
          AIDS and 35 million people worldwide live with AIDS, the vast majority of whom
          are in the low- and middle-income countries of sub-Saharan Africa, as well as
          3.2 million children infected by their HIV-positive mothers during pregnancy,
          childbirth or breastfeeding. More
          importantly for the depopulation lobby so long as fear of AIDS is kept alive
          individuals, be they educated or not, will have an incentive to use
          contraceptives, which helps the world prevent unwanted pregnancies.

          By the early 1980s,
          bisphenol A (BPA) plastics in the form of polycarbonates and epoxy resins were
          developed to close the loophole to safe drinking water and safe food that the
          health conscious in the developed world had found by drinking spring water from
          glass bottles and eating organic produce and to also reach the nascent middle
          class in the swelling cities of the developing world, forcing the unsuspecting
          to pay for their own poison and thus shifting the cost of mass sterilization
          from governments to individuals; a feat also accomplished by switching from
          water to salt fluoridation in much of Europe and throughout Latin America. To date, four billion people across the world
          are being chronically poisoned with BPA and the effects on human health are
          legion and cover the full spectrum of so-called illnesses of affluence, from
          cardiovascular diseases to diabetes, obesity and allergies, diseases that were
          first triggered by fluoride poisoning and that in fact are nothing more than
          the unintended side-effects of sustained and chronic attack upon the entire
          endocrine system with endocrine disruptors deliberately inserted in water, food
          and beverages for depopulation purposes.

          By the late 1980s,
          artificial sweeteners were added to the arsenal of mass sterilization weaponry
          in the developed world and in conjunction with the industrialization of food by
          agro-giants and the proliferation of convenient fast and processed foods the
          entire food and beverage chain was transformed into an endemic fertility
          suppression vehicle made all the more effective by protein derived from
          hormone-fed animals. In this fashion no
          one but the wealthiest members of society in the developed world and the
          poorest and most self-sufficient people in the developing world could escape
          the mass sterilization program.

          By the 1990s,
          exasperated with the lack of progress in Africa, India, South-East Asia and a
          few reluctant countries in Latin America, the depopulation lobby unleashed
          genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on the world and within twenty years
          increased the cultivation of sterilizing GMOs from zero to 174 million
          hectares. To make sure that people eat
          these poisonous crops, that are made all the more devastating to human
          fertility and longevity through proprietary pesticides, their labelling is
          strictly prohibited throughout the Americas.
          And since GMO corn is fed to animals that are sold throughout the world,
          GMO corn syrup is used in all confectionary and processed foods, and GMO
          rapeseed is now the third-largest vegetable oil source in the world, there is
          not a single corner of the planet that is not reached in this indirect fashion,
          which is why fertility rates are dropping like planes from the sky in countries
          that are dirt poor and where affluence cannot be invoked as a reason for
          decreasing fertility.

          In the 1990s, the full
          ingenuity of medical scientists and of the pharmaceutical industry was also
          unleashed to contribute to the global genocide with sterilizing vaccines and
          medicines that are promoted to purportedly improve maternal and child health in
          countries where in great part due to overpopulation people are starving, but
          also in countries where the demographic transition reached an advanced stage
          and government found themselves with unsustainably high ratios of old people
          and growing ratios of superfluous people made redundant by the mechanization,
          robotization and computerization of the means of production, people the wealthy
          governments of the developed world want to send into an early grave rather than
          support financially with taxpayers money.
          Such is the desperation of global policy makers and national leaders
          that tetanus toxoid and meningococcal vaccines as well Artemisinin-based
          malaria medication double as covert sterilizants throughout the developing
          world, while flu vaccines and psychotropic drugs both sterilize and sicken
          otherwise healthy people throughout the developed world.

          In 1995, the latest
          depopulation weapon was first deployed from the skies, chemtrails, which have
          continued ever since. While chemtrail
          operations are primarily intended to slow down global warming by allowing heat trapped
          in the atmosphere due to anthropogenic greenhouse gases to escape, they are
          secondarily intended to increase the presence of heavy metals and carcinogenic
          substances on the ground to speed up the death of the baby boomers who now
          equal or outnumber children in countries that have reached the fourth and fifth
          stages of the demographic transition and who as such pose unbearable financial
          burdens on societies whose tax purse and economic output are diminishing due to
          a shrinking and quickly ageing workforce.

          The entire international
          community, centered in the UN system, as well as the executive level of nearly
          every government on earth is a full-fledged member of this global genocide and
          the hands of policy makers are drenched in the blood of innocents. Every institution of state and every
          international organization is used to suppress the truth and depress fertility
          and longevity by any and all means possible in a desperate and globally
          coordinated effort to prevent the collapse of our civilization and
          environmental disaster due to overpopulation and overconsumption.

          The truth cannot be
          hidden; not when you have time on your side.

          Even though governments
          keep their crimes concealed under the pretext of national security in a global
          police state constructed under the false pretense of combatting Islamic
          fundamentalism and extremism, which are wholly invented and non-existent
          threats needed to conceal the true enemies, human fertility and national
          egoism, the truth surfaces between the cracks of their exponentially growing
          lies of necessity and the deepening confusion of multiple deceptions.

          Since the end of World
          War II there has been only one war in the world, the war the UN and freely
          elected governments wage on the civilian population to limit us by force to
          replacement level fertility. The second
          and parallel front of this war has been waged on national self-determination to
          open the natural resources of every nation on earth to exploitation by
          multinational corporations so that vital resources can be accessed on the free market
          to the highest bidder rather than monopolized by single nations and in this
          fashion no one needs to go to war to gain access to the resources necessary to
          industrialize or satisfy internal demand.

          From the demographic
          data we can discern as easily as a hunter can track a bear in the snow when and
          who tampered with human fertility and altered the course and profile of a
          population. From the statistical data we
          can quantify the effects of these executive decisions as accurately as a
          biologist can determine the age of a fallen tree by counting its rings in a
          cross-section. From the political
          context and historic events we can determine, as easily as a mathematician can
          add two and two, why the decision was taken to wage war on fertility and in the
          process justify writing off the health of entire nations as collateral
          damage. And from the medical data we can
          predict as accurately as an astronomer can calculate the next lunar eclipse how
          severely the genetic and intellectual endowment of humanity will be harmed from
          decade to decade if we continue to be chronically poisoned through chemical and
          biological toxins for the sake of accomplishing the demographic transition.

          By bringing together to
          compare and contrast demographic, statistical, economic, medical, and political
          data a clear picture has emerged as to how the Global Depopulation Policy has
          been initiated, implemented and institutionalized so as to divorce its methods
          and means from the rule of law, protect its crimes from democratic scrutiny,
          and advance its goals despite moral objections.

          The picture that has
          emerged from behind these multiple smokescreens is that the Global Depopulation
          Policy is coordinated by the UN, pushed by the Axis Powers, and mediated by
          Scandinavian countries.

          Nationally, the
          Ministry of Defense is responsible for eliminating any democratic impediments
          to genocide and when such impediments cannot be coerced or corrupted, coup d’états have been
          internationally planned and nationally carried out by the military who then
          installed military dictatorships for as long as necessary to kill, imprison or
          intimidate any individual who stands in the way of population control. The Ministry of the Interior assumes
          responsibility for the continuation of the depopulation genocide once military
          dictatorships give way to democratically elected governments. The Ministry of Health is responsible for
          perverting science and medicine to serve as handmaidens of genocide and to
          provide false research that justifies committing crimes against humanity in the
          name of improving human health. The
          Ministry of Justice is tasked with ensuring that the law is blind, mute and
          deaf to any of the high crimes committed in the name of population control and
          that any dissenting individual will be imprisoned under false pretenses until
          such time as he is either forced into silence or his life and credibility are
          destroyed to such an extent that anything he asserts will be disregarded. The
          Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates national progress with international
          demands. And the Ministry of
          Communication ensures the media acts only as a misinformation and propaganda
          tool so that only the carefully calibrated lies of genocidal governments and
          corporations can be heard.

          Internationally, the UN and its agencies, aided
          by an army of NGOs and corporations, provide the capacity needed to commit
          genocide to financially strapped and technologically inept governments, gather
          statistical data, monitor progress and collate information from all corners of
          the world, provide secret fora for heads of state, bureaucrats and technocrats
          to discuss methods and means, and create the intellectual environment needed to
          make genocide palatable and emotionally bearable to individuals who maim,
          murder and sicken billions of human beings so the sterilization machine can
          continue to sterilize and the culture of death can continue to thrive.

          But neither the mass sterilization machine nor
          the culture of death and the intellectual environment that sustains it can
          survive the truth and the engagement of an enlightened populace. The truth, however, needs torchbearers and
          there are none to be found because those who are employed by governments,
          corporations and international organizations have sold their soul for personal
          profit and professional advancement and have chosen to see and hear only what
          they want and need to in order to make themselves believe that their lives have

          This document now
          stands as testimony to a historic period of unprecedented challenges and unimaginable
          actions, challenges and actions that paradoxically are the result of our
          unsurpassed success as a species and that will either tear us apart and lead to
          our self-destruction if we fail to think and work as one or will lift us to
          unprecedented wealth, stability and happiness if we find the wisdom and the
          will to think of one another as family, to set aside false loyalties to creed
          and nation, to sacrifice profit for people, to abandon dated belief systems
          that draw invisible lines of division and create artificial fault lines between
          ethnic and religious communities; if, in sum, we develop a global consciousness
          and evolve from national, economic, and egotistical beings to planetary,
          ecological and altruistic beings.

          Until such time as human beings refuse to act as
          human beings and choose to live as cockroaches, I will stand guard over
          conscience and consciousness and offer truth an inviolable sanctuary.

          Until such time,
          governments will by necessity be our enemies.

          Until such time, the
          world’s children will continue to die and suffer for our sins.

          Until such time,
          ignorance and cruelty will reign supreme.

          Until such time…

          • Nutcase.

          • Mr. Galalae, nobody reads comments that long. Ever. It’s better just to provide links.

    • Yikes!

    • Kevin Galalae

      Since when is being an immigrant a pejorative, David? Clearly you are a filthy racist whose true colors are revealed by your nasty and uninformed comment.

      Furthermore, the “Human Rights Party of Canada” is in its incipient form and indeed has yet to be registered. But that does not mean it does not exist or that it lacks a mandate and a philosophy. You can read my party’s manifesto here:

  • Exile1981

    I think his tinfoil is too tight.

  • Either good or bad drugs. But clearly drugs.

    • and lots of em.

      • Raymond Hietapakka

        …a case of either not enough, or too much…

  • Gaylord Ponce

    That reads like what many commenters post on CBC’s website.

  • Xavier

    Conspiracy theories can be very seductive, since they place the believer in an elite group that recognizes the truth that has evaded the ignorant masses. The more you try to correct them, the more entrenched their beliefs become.

    The weak link in this and most theories is that they assume widespread competence and cooperation between governments. Politicians aren’t known to display those traits.

  • marty_p

    No doubt the author also thinks that ISIS stands for Israeli Spies in Syria.

  • chayisun
    • I think so.

    • Frau Katze

      That’s the one

      Kevin Mugur Galalae ~ I dedicate this book to mankind and the cleansed world and age of innocence it will engender to my sons, Benjamin and Oliver Galalae, who have been torn away from me by the forces of evil that have aligned themselves against humanity. It is the love of my children and the struggle to be reunited with them that have given me the courage and the strength to confront the enemies of mankind.

      • Censored_often

        Crazier than a United Church leftist youth group camp counselor!

  • Frau Katze

    “Tasnim News”. I’ve run into them before. Propagating ridiculous conspiracy theories. Like PressTV they find idiot westerners to say this stuff. I guess they think it lends them credibility.

    I haven’t checked Tasnim News, but PressTV is run by Iran.

  • Rosenmops

    Axis 1 – Delusional disorder.
    Differential diagnosis:
    1. Hypomania secondary to bipolar disorder.
    2. Hypomania secondary to personality disorder.
    Axis 2 – Narcissistic trait.

    Apparently he has posted this online himself, to demonstrate that the authorities are out to get him.

  • Frau Katze

    Quote from his Facebook page

    The West’s problem is not Islamic but Christian fundamentalism.

  • ntt1

    Pure alinsky tactics ; mock and debase history into irrelevance then bury it.. back fill with the great lie until truth is forgotten.

    • Censored_often

      The CBC/BBC method?

      • ntt1

        yes, indeed

    • Millie_Woods

      Well said.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    How shmart is this profeshnul journalist?

    Hey, it’s “corral”, not “coral”, you fleischekopf.

    • Xavier

      As a grammar Nazi and punctuation Hun, I can forgive people for the occasional misspelling, and even applaud Maruxio as he artfully butchers the English language – but I draw the line with journalists. Words are their only tool; they should learn how to use them properly.

  • Kevin Galalae

    Since I never lose an opportunity to educate idiots and racists I direct the many idiots and racists who have made nasty comments about me to my Amazon page:

  • Kevin Galalae

    Those of you who are either too lazy or too stupid to read a book, a category that the vast majority of the people who have commented here undoubtedly belong to, can watch my videos or listen to several of my radio interviews on my You Tube channel:

  • Kevin Galalae

    And since I never back off from a good fight, here is a short article I wrote a couple of years ago that I know will send many of the readers of this racist group into a tizzy.


    Kevin Galalae’s counter to Britain’s counter-radicalisation policy

    As an agnostic European and a free thinking man, I refuse to be told what I am allowed to say and think or not. That is why I will now say all the inconvenient truths the counter-radicalization policy would rather the world does not hear. I will say them because I can no longer tolerate Christian hypocrisy and Jewish propaganda, which are far greater threats to peace and security than Muslim intolerance.
    1. It is not Muslims who have caused two world wars and have killed 50 million people in the process. It is Christians.
    2. It is not Muslims who have armies stationed in our back yards. It is Christians who have military bases in nearly every Muslim country except Iran.
    3. It is not Muslims who keep tyrants in power against the will of entire people all the while singing the praises of democracy. It is Christians who do that.
    4. It is not Muslims who have used the atomic bomb or who have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world one hundred times over. It is Christians.
    5. It is not Muslims who proselytize the world over. It is Christians who do that.
    6. It is not Muslims who seek to profit from the resources and labour of others. It is Christians.
    7. It is not Muslims who try to tell Christians that they ought to at least build down their nuclear arsenals. It is Christians who have thousands of nuclear war heads yet tell Muslims that they should not build any at all.
    8. It is not Muslims who threaten peace and stability by invading and controlling other nations, Muslim or not. It is Christians.
    9. It is not Muslims who believe the world must first experience nuclear disaster for the second coming of Christ to occur. It is Christians.
    10. It is not Muslims who depend on us for oil. It is Christians who depend on Muslims.
    The reason the West needs to control the media and the message is because it cannot win any arguments in open forums given its immoral policies and destructive influence on the world. The West has long lost the moral high ground, if it ever had it at all. The ideology of greed and its attendant system we impose on the world is morally bankrupt and no one wants it, which is why we have to force it on others. I left Romania, the country of my birth, to escape communist propaganda not to exchange it with capitalist and imperialist propaganda. The truth does not incite terrorism, it incites justice. And justice leads to peace.
    The fundamental problem of our time is that the interaction between Jews and Christians is as unhealthy now as it was prior to World War II, which is why the world is once again in turmoil. Once the Judeo-Christian civilization upholds its cherished values, curbs its arrogance and curtails its rapacious instincts the world will be fine. Until then let us stop scapegoating Muslims for our sins and let us coexist as equals and as brothers.

  • Kevin Galalae

    What the West needs is not less but more Muslims. Let us pray that in the near future there will be a mosque in every European and North American city, for only then will those who sully Christianity by monopolizing God be freed of their demons. Only then will westerners be cured of their racism and delusions of superiority. Only then will westerners be truly civilized; when they can coexist peacefully with other religions and races in the same cultural space.