Canadian expert: What occurred in Paris was theater on a grand scale

The internet is a very funny place…but this guy is serious. h/t Winston

-As you know, France experienced terrorist attacks carried out by extremists; are some (currents) using these events to stir Islamophobia?

Kevin Galalae: “No terrorist attack took place in France. What occurred was theater on a grand scale. It was clear that the video clip showing the so-called execution of a police officer in the street was not genuine since the masked actors masquerading as terrorists were shooting blanks. It was equally clear that the army of police officers “storming” the kosher food store where a different terrorist was allegedly holding Jewish hostages were also shooting blanks. There are other telltale signs – beyond the obvious fact that it involves heroes and villains from all three monotheistic religions – that the Paris incident was staged and orchestrated, such as the identification left behind in the back seat of the getaway car by one of the “terrorists”, the fact that the “terrorists” escaped and managed to leave Paris despite the full mobilization of the security apparatus, and that none of the “terrorists” were caught alive. None were caught alive because there are no terrorists and the Paris “attacks” could only be sold as a one act play.”