Bobby Jindal on Muslim Americans: ‘That’s Not Immigration,’ It’s ‘Invasion’

Rather than back away from his disputed assertions about “no-go zones” for non-Muslims in Europe, Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) has tripled down, first telling Fox News’ Neil Cavuto that America could soon have its own “no-go zones” and now, in a radio interview with the Family Research Council’s Washington Watch, warning of the coming Muslim “invasion” of the U.S.

Jindal repeated his comments about “no-go zones” in which Muslims are trying to impose Sharia law during the Monday interview, telling those who would do the same here, “If you don’t want to be an American, don’t come to America… If we’re not careful the same no-go zones you’re seeing now in Europe will come to America.”

“They want to use our freedoms to undermine that freedom in the first place,” Jindal said later of Muslim immigrants. “This is a place where you have freedom of self-determination, freedom of religious liberty, freedom of speech. This is an amazing place and we’re a majority Christian country. We’re a Judeo-Christian heritage, but we don’t discriminate against those that have no beliefs and or have different beliefs”…

  • Mickey Oberman

    I am afraid, Mr. Jindal, thanks to Obama, there are more than enough Muslims in the US to have plenty of no go zones.
    They just need the word from their leaders in the multitude of mosques and madrassas to start.
    Dearborn jumped the gun. There will be plenty of followers.

    • Linda1000

      There are at least 50+ million patriots Including retired military in the U.S. most of them armed to the max so I think the muslims and political Ozero asswipes should be very careful how far they push the Americans who are not willing to lift the asses in the air to mecca. That is the only thing that gives me hope about the U.S. as the EU, Britain and most likely Canada are lost already.

      • luna

        Obama, State of the Union address, Jan. 28, 2014:

        Citizenship means standing up for the lives that gun violence steals from us each day. I have seen the courage of parents, students, pastors, and police officers all over this country who say ‘we are not afraid,’ and I intend to keep trying, WITH IT WITHOUT CONGRESS, to help stop more tragedies from visiting innocent Americans in our movie theaters, shopping malls, or schools like Sandy Hook.” — State of the Union address, Jan. 28, 2014.

        • Clausewitz

          This is what’s known as the pretext for the disarming of the American Citizenry so that Progressives can enslave all. It’s not even subtle anymore.

        • Linda1000

          I disagree with Obama and the Gabby Gifford lobbies in support of gun control agendas. After Sandy Hook, some schools started arming teachers, admin personnel. In the worst cases of mass shootings in the U.S., most have occurred in gun free zones, including the Ft. Hood shooter inside the gun free army base. Look at some of the most violent “gun free” cities like Chicago and it’s obvious guns are still in the hands of criminals on the street. There are lots of statistics and reports that confirm states with non-restrictive gun laws are far less crime ridden.
          It’s fine for someone like Obama to say guns should be banned because he lives in the White House surrounded by heavily armed professional security 24 7. Same for other gov’t officials that want to ban guns but have their own hired security.

      • mauser 98

        state militias stopped Bundy ranch theft by Reid and Bureau Land Managment.. they are still there
        have been listening to Militia radio for a while…wild

      • Doug Kursk

        When the time comes, I dare say that you will find in Canada no better fighters anywhere, full stop.

        • FactsWillOut

          Too bad most Canadians think gun control is a good thing.

  • mauser 98

    whew.. RINO GOP knives will be out for Jindal
    Insane McCain ,Jeb, Rove , Preibus ,and little backstabber Rubio will shiv him good
    watch your back Bobby

  • Canadian

    The good liberal mayor of Montreal just started the surrender process by calling for an interfaith meeting.
    Montreal has been interfaith for a long time….what could have changed?

    • Frau Katze

      “Interfaith” is always a bad sign. The top cleric in Turkey says it’s garbage anyway. For once, I agree with him.

      • Canadian

        Interfaith means that islam is about to crush all others.

        • winniec

          The book from the Montreal mosque said that dialogue does not permit questioning the veracity or ethics of Islamic doctrines. In other words, ‘dialogue’ is a monologue.

          • Canadian

            It always has been.

      • Clausewitz

        Will this be “Interfaith” much like the takeover of the ecumenical chapel at Western University? Theb these days “Interfaith” is a code word for Islamic Triumphalism.

    • Linda1000

      Oh well, we have had I think at least three shoot – ups in Calgary so far in Jan. 2015 all related to Somali disputes. The answer to this violence says our Calgary police Chief, etc. is to definitely hire more Somali cops? Outreach to the Somali community or some nonsense and high-profile jobs for them as well.

  • Watch as his words of wise caution go unheeded.

  • winniec

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.”
    When Muslims invade, the indigenous peoples and cultures are annihilated.
    The Libtards are insane.

  • Jindal for president 2016.

  • “They want to use our freedoms to undermine that freedom in the first place” – that’s the long and the short of it. Jindal should run for president.

    • Censored_often

      He should also lecture Justin “Jihad” Trudeau and P.M. Harper about the many dangers of muzzie immigration to Canada as neither appear to know.

      • I’m sure Harper knows and cares. Probably can’t do much about it within current constitutional constraints. Justin is no doubt clueless.

        • Censored_often

          Yes, despite my above rhetorical flourish and jab at Harper, he likely is the best we have despite our insane levels of muzzie immigration/colonization to and of Canada. Constitutional constraints can be a real pain in the ass!

          Canada desperately requires a national party that focuses on Canadian values and political institutions based on Common Law, highly critical of multiculturalism and the last several decades of immigration policy. I think it would grow slowly, though be attacked by the CBC, TVO, the Toronto Star and Crescent, etc. Nonetheless, it could grow into a major force if done right!

          Justin is either clueless or a combination of clueless and pure evil.