Bizarro news: Man with WATERMELON on his head arrested after causing a stir on the subway

A man wearing the hollowed out watermelon on his head was spotted on the Beijing subway

  • Exile1981

    Somebody must have told him that a watermelon works better than tinfoil.

    • Frau Katze

      There is a little bit on top that looks like an antenna.

  • Censored_often

    Maybe he’s a Chinese muzzie testing a new kind of fruity hijab?

  • Dana Garcia

    If he wore a watermelon in America he would be called a racist.

  • lucius

    It’s great to live in the free West where one may wear whatever fruit you wish on your head. Except for durian. I draw the line at durian fruit.

    • ntt1

      Same here. i saw a small portion of durian completely empty a tour bus..

    • Censored_often

      I like the band Durian Durian Duran Duran. As for wearing a durian on your head, kinda dangerous for sure!

      • ntt1

        The fruit stinks like old socks , it tastes ok but the smell really is foul. I suspect a lot of Thais feel the same but persist in eating it just to piss off falongs

      • Maggat

        Should you put that over your head you’d need to be buried to save the rest of us from the smell.

  • Watermelon Head? Why didn’t I think of that? Watch out Bat Man: The world now has another superhero.

  • Dana Garcia

    Maybe it’s a publicity stunt for a fruitarian super hero movie.

    • Frau Katze

      The Man in the Watermelon Mask?

  • eMan14

    Just another melon farmer.

  • Uncle_Waspy

    Melonhead went with the Elton John star eye holes.

  • Ken

    Performance art has reached China.

  • Frances

    Now in Regina, it’s de rigeur some days.

  • Minicapt
  • Petrilla

    Burka under it would have been warmer. And no arrest made.

  • WalterBannon

    humor is verboten in communist china

  • New Centurion

    Rider Nation!