Woody Allen Is a Good Progressive so Let’s Just Let the Whole (Alleged!) Kiddie-Touching Thing Slide

An artist and his art are two different things. There are a great number of people throughout history who have been relatively horrible human beings—abusive, bigoted, etc.—yet relatively brilliant artists. If we started judging every artist’s art by the quality of the artist’s character, we’d be much poorer, culturally speaking. This is why I’ve always tried to keep my opinions about artists and judgment of their art separate. It’s why I’ve always done my best to reject the politicized life, a key component of which is the idea that we can only love art created by artists we agree with.

All of which is to say that I’m pretty comfortable with the argument that Woody Allen’s films should be considered apart from Woody Allen’s character. Even for a filmmaker as inextricably linked to his work as Allen, the film and the filmmaker are separate entities. They exist apart from each other. Manhattan and Annie Hall and Midnight in Paris work or do not work on their own, regardless of how you feel about Woody Allen.

  • Xavier

    Attempting to parse person and career is a tacit admission that Woody Allen is a child molesting monster, and it does not change the fact that his “art” deserves to be on MST3K.

  • The_Infidel_01

    I personally have never actually watched any movie he has ever been in, so I don’t care to rate anything the left considers his art. So all I can say is, if he did the crime, he should sit in a nice little jail cell for the rest of his natural life, especially seeing as he is held in such high regard by the lefty death cultists.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The only people who’ve ever made this claim against him is his near psychotic ex wife who claims he molested all their kids approximately 400 times every hour every day for 40 years, and a few of those same kids who she managed to brainwash. But in investigation after investigation no one’s ever been able to dredge up a single nugget of fact. This is on par with the people who claim the JFK assassination was a conspiracy among 10,000 people who all took the world’s biggest secret with them to the grave with 100% perfect compliance.

    • WalterBannon

      smoke meet fire – he married his adopted daughter. that’s serious smoke. that and the stories that keep dogging him should be at least of some concern, certainly enough to want to step back and not defend him. I do accede to your point about his crazy ex, but then there is the whole marrying your daughter thing….

      • Hard Little Machine

        And it’s been investigated repeatedly and discarded. And re investigated and discarded.

      • Woody Allen

        I agree that’s pretty creepy.

      • Well, she was Mia’s daughter, not his.

        I suspect he’s guilty of creepy behaviour, but Mia’s nuts and there’s really no good evidence. I wouldn’t let him babysit though.

        (He’s pointed out that a woman who casually mentions that your 20-something kid is probably actually Frank Sinatra’s might not be the most reliable person in the world.)

  • ntt1

    I have enjoyed some of Allen’s work, some not so much. I am neutral as to his value as an artist, but the allegations made against him are at best highly suspect from deeply disturbed persons.Both mia Farrow and dory Previn are mentally ill and have been for some time. Previn even wrote a song (two heads are better than one) about her Schizophrenia.

    • Woody Allen

      I could hardly sit through Annie Hall either.

      • That arrogant nervous little guy who was dating out of his league ruined it for me.

        • ntt1

          but then there is zieleg; forced into a life of crime due to his being a cello player in a marching band. and his horrible sentence of 30 days in the cooler with a whole life insurance salesman.

  • Jay Currie

    I’m with hard little machine – it is all too easy for a psycho wife to come up with vile accusations. Now, Woody didn’t help by marrying his step daughter but that was odd rather than expressly nasty.

    As to the art/artist thing I can imagine people being unable to appreciate art done by a monster. The problem being that you don’t always know a person is a monster until long after you have seen and appreciated the art they’ve made.

    To take a silly example: I rather doubt that Roman Polanski was the first or last Hollywood figure with an unhealthy interest in young, teenage, girls. But we don’t know which ones so we don’t know which movies to officially “hate” on moral grounds.

    • WalterBannon

      I have always enjoyed and liked Roman Polanski’s neo-noir film “Chinatown” with Jack Nicholson. But that does not excuse his crimes. Ditto Allen and his work versus Allen and his alleged crimes.

      Now if they were marketing themselves and their work as political philosophers or moralists then I would have to question why their message was not consistent with their actions and the two are irredeemably entwined. That is why I despise the modern Hollywood where all the “stars” envision themselves as political figures instead of entertainers. I much prefer the golden age of studio Hollywood where “stars” images were carefully managed and they were compelled under contract to keep their politics and asinine behavior private so as not to detract from the marketability of their art.