Women face violence all over Turkey

Women face violence in many fields across Turkey, but the type of harassment differs according to geographical regions, a new Family Ministry report has shown.

The study, which divides the country into 12 regions, showed that sexual violence is most prevalent in northeastern Anatolia, while physical violence is widespread in Central Anatolia.

The survey, which was not announced to the public, but submitted to a parliamentary commission that works on violence against women, also showed that the women in Istanbul are not much less victimized by physical violence compared to Central Anatolia. Some 36 percent of the women in Turkey’s largest city have faced physical violence in their lifetime, and 8 percent have suffered from violence in the last 12 months, according to the survey…

  • Yikes. Truly barbarians.

  • ntt1

    Its a pity western feministas won’t speak up for their sisters but this is now considered cultural imperialism ,a sin that convieniently cancels out the very real worldwide aggression against women and girls and leaves the feminazi free to obsess about micragressions and “rape culture”.Ironic that while so many of the worlds population of women are totally without freedoms , western feministas work to remove due process protection for men , If this is progressivism what do they hope to progfress to?

  • Kinneddar

    I lived in Central Anatolia in 2002-2003 and have written about domestic violence there. It seems the problem is much the same – maybe a bit more tut-tutting, but there’s not actually been much in the way of definitive change.


    I witnessed a violent incident on the street and could get no one to intervene, nor even show any outrage. It was standard daily fare.

  • Alain

    Actually women face violence in every single Muslim country, so I don’t really see what is new about this.