Video: Japanese Hostage Kenji Goto – ‘I have 24 hours left to live… the pilot has even less’

The Islamic State today threatened to kill a Japanese journalist and a Jordanian pilot within 24 hours unless a jailed female terrorist is released.

A video posted on jihadist websites shows a picture of Japanese hostage Kenji Goto holding a photograph of captured Jordanian pilot, 1st Lt Mu’ath al-Kaseasbeh.

A voiceover, purportedly by Goto, warns that Jordan is blocking the Japanese journalist’s release by failing to free Sajida al-Rishawi, a would-be suicide bomber on death row since 2006.

The statement says Goto and al-Kaseasbeh will be killed within 24 hours if al-Rishawi is not freed and urges the Japanese government to put pressure on Jordan.

The voiceover warns: ‘Any more delays by the Jordanian government will mean they are responsible for the death of the pilot which will then be followed by mine.

‘I only have 24 hours left to live… and the pilot has even less. Please don’t leave us to die.

  • Justin

    This clueless Japanese fool must be a Westernized Japanese because it is the only Western fools who would go to a place like ISIS-controlled area and other similar places only to be beheaded on camera! They think their jihadist allies would respect ‘human rights’ of journalists and ‘aid workers’.

    • I think he had other motives.

      • Exile1981

        isn’t he the one that converted to islam before going over there?

        • I believe he was going back for his friend.

          • simus1

            Idiots. Two peas in a pod.
            Back in the old days, this would have been considered a teachable moment:

            If the arab bandits murdered a Brit officer, an Indian Army regiment would have done a route march through the general area and killed 500 of those who thought attacking them was a clever idea.
            Another murder, go through again make it 1000. Arabs eventually got the message.
            Tax collection was a similar dynamic exercise at each town or city. If the sent ahead tax levy order wasn’t being complied with, a small field gun exercise was initiated, using live fire going close to minarets to get the range. That usually was enough for the money to quickly show up.

        • No, he converted to Christianity.

          One can imagine what will happen to him.

    • He went to save his friend.

      Even if foolish, he is still a billion times the human being than the child-raping ISIS thugs.

  • chayisun

    Just tell those thugs that if they harm these two…….Although I have no sympathy for the Japanese twit who ended up, willingly, in the region…….That Sajida al-Rishawi, who looks like some kind of witch, will be killed. And fed to pigs.

  • Send them this female terrorist and then put a bullet in her back once Goto is freed.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Isn’t ISIS running out of hostages?

    • Jay Currie

      It’s a good point but there are a lot of “foreign fighters”, fine young Englishmen, Aussies, Canadians who’ll do in a pinch.