Street Cred: ‘Racist, Anti-Islamic San Francisco Bus Ads Have Been Awesomely Defaced With Kamala Khan’

Some of San Francisco’s buses are currently plastered with a series of Islamophobic “ads” that were paid for by the Freedom Defense Initiative, an anti-Islamic organization that has been labeled a hate group by the government of the United Kingdom.

Some of San Francisco’s citizens, according to Street Cred – Advertising for the Community’s Facebook post, have edited some of those ads in a pretty awesome way: with Marvel’s biggest digitally selling superhero, Ms. Marvel, the alter ego of Kamala Khan, a American, first-generation-immigrant, and Muslim teen. We have only one thing to say about this, and that is Excelsior!

From the Facebook post: “ splattered on the sides of Muni buses, purchased by blogger Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative, are again all over San Francisco…equate Islam with Nazism.”

One of commenters left the following at the post (the comment section is littered with anti-Israel links)


  • John Petro

    Proving once again that the only rebuttal Islamists and apologists have is to shut down the discussion by covering up the facts and labelling their opponents as racist.
    However Islam is not like Nazism because Nazis weren’t pretending to be a religion.

    • winniec

      So right! Muslims always lose in debates because the facts are not on their side.
      Was Hitlerism a religion? Carl Jung thought so. Himmler did as well.

  • Exile1981

    So a group of people just admitted on line to committing 4 crimes?

    1) Use of the Ms Marvel image without permission of the copyright holder. – Unless disney (who owns Marvel now) gave them written permission?
    2) Vandalism of a city bus – Unless the city of San Fran gave them permission to do it?
    3) Destruction of private property – the adds are owned by Miss Gellar and I doubt she gave permission for them to cover them up.
    4) Suppression of freedom of speech

    So how soon before these vile criminals are arrested by the San Fran Police force and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law?

    • eMan14


  • winniec

    The Islamic cartoon avenger should be depicted holding a severed head.

  • Observer

    Think about their modified message. “Stop the hate the Islamic countries”.

    What hate? All the billions of Dollars, Euros and Yen that western countries give to them?

    Stop government funding of foreign governments and nonprofits in those countries.

  • roccolore

    I hope someone vandalizes a terror mosque in response.

  • Why would I be swayed by a token goofball of a superhero? Islam isn’t a race and it’s perfectly acceptable to question the nature of an allegedly peaceful religion.

    It’s called dialogue.

  • pdxnag

    These silencers might graduate some day to gunning down cartoonists, if they refuse to recognize the “but” in typical moderate/extremist Muslim jargon : “You have free speech, but”. You see, they do not disagree about the limits on criticism of Islam. They only disagree about whether the state or vigilantes shall enforce them. The so-called moderate wants the state to enforce the limit. The extremist is happy to do it all on their own. It is the pattern anywhere Muslims are present.

  • DD_Austin

    Street Crud

  • Tom Forsythe

    They used Comic Sans as their font. Is there no monstrosity they won’t sink to?