Steven Spielberg warns of anti-Semitism resurgence in a speech to Holocaust survivors as he marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz

Accepting Oscars for Schindler’s List in 1993

Director Steven Spielberg told a group of Holocaust survivors on Monday that Jews are again facing the ‘perennial demons of intolerance’ from anti-Semites who are provoking hate crimes and trying to strip survivors of their identity.

…he warned of ‘anti-Semites, radical extremists, and religious fanatics’ who are again provoking hate crimes — a warning that comes after radical Islamists massacred Jews at a kosher supermarket earlier this month in Paris.

Spielberg also noted that there are now Facebook pages that identify Jews and their geographic locations with the intention to attack them, and a growing effort to banish Jews from Europe.

“If you are a Jew today, in fact if you are any person who believes in freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, you know that like many other groups we’re once again facing the perennial demons of intolerance.”

Which “religious fanatics”? Who’s threatening “freedom of expression”? Who wants to “banish Jews from Europe”?He’s probably the most powerful man in Hollywood. I wish he would have the courage to speak in something other than evasions and platitudes.

  • Which “religious fanatics”? Yes, do say the M-word, Steve. M-O-S-L-E-M. If you can’t identify the culprit, then you no longer have free speech.

    • Censored_often

      C’mon! Never forget Timothy McVeigh! Oh, wait a minute, he was just a nutcase from the U.S.
      Indeed, M U S L I M! Eurabia is here.

  • cisco7912

    Who is he speaking about? Well that would be radical Islam and their mouthpeices, sorry I mean “advocacy groups” like CAIR, ISNA, MPAC and the great grandaddy of them all the OIC, who want to make critisim of Islam a capital offence as it is in most Islamic countries! And lets not forget their liberal “useful idiots”, who help them put the metaphorical gun to the head of “free speech” in the name of political correctness, religious harmony and tolerence.

  • Hard Little Machine

    And leading the pack of Jew hate is Spielberg’s own Tony Kushner, playwrite and screenwriter of Spielberg’s own “Munich” which couldn’t say enough good things for and about PLO mass murderers.

    • edlancey


      You can still see the traces of Spielberg/Kushner’s envisaged “Iraqi Sniper” in Clint’s American Sniper – the homoerotic Arab pretty boy sniper with the permanent 5 o’clock shadow, just like the Fakestinian pretty boy in Munich.

      If Spielberg had made Iraqi Sniper you’d have had Ahmed Chippendale and Chris Kyle exchanging a silent nod of co-existence across the rooftops.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    And just who ARE the antisemites that he speaks of? What beliefs animate them?
    Where do they come from? Are they from arround here, or were they imported?
    Just what religion are they fanatical about? Is it the Episcopalians again?
    Ideological extremists? Please tell us their ideology.

    His words are coached in such a way that they could equally apply to (in the mind of your typical lefty -as is he and all of his friends probibly are) TEA Party Republicans who hold stong Christian beliefs.
    We all know who he’s talking about (probibly), but he wants to leave it open enough to provide plausible deniability that he is only referring to those that it is politically acceptable to hate.

    When he screws up the courage to say Muslim, Islam, and jihad, then I’ll know he’s really serious, but until then, I’m not holding my breath.

  • Daniel Moshe Johnson

    What Spielberg needs to do to combat this surge of anti semetism renewed an highlighted post his film, is to go to the drawing table and start to produce films highlighting the rich Jewish history.

    To much time has passed since the passion and Gibson, which painted the High Priests of old Israel as the murderers of Christ, contrary to the Sanhedrin.

    The Sanhedrin, who presided in the matter holds an authentic Jewish historical account that the world and Christians need to know. Roman stronghold on the world order, history, the calendar, law and secular religious matters blinds and conceals these truths that give anti semitism life.

    Its time for all Jewish literary minds that are informed to band an educate the world, if they are not informed, then its time to consult with pro- Israeli Rabbis who are informed

  • WalterBannon

    What Spielberg needs to do is point his finger at all of his “progressive” friends in Hollywood who call for the death of Israel

    Heil Obama!

  • His speech is like anything Hollywood has put out: pointless window-dressing.

    Lutherans didn’t kill anyone in a kosher deli.