Pat Condell: A special kind of hate

In Islam Jew Hate is a feature not a bug.

  • We are seeing a repeat of history without the will to fight against it. At least during the Second World War, there was very little moralising or white-washing, unlike now.

    • David Murrell

      Good point. A constructive suggestion is for conservatives (and non-conservatives for that matter) to start a moral crusade against Islamist hate and intolerance against Jews and other minorities. Think of the present period like the 1930s, when Jews were persecuted in Germany. A small group of people spoke out then — pretty much in vain — but they did. Another suggestion would be to take concrete action against Muslim-based intolerance. When we picket Muslim hatemongers (e.g., who are invited to speak at a public forum), we should bring signs with Mohammed cartoons, and large dogs.

      There is a war on here, and we can all do our bit.

      • The thing is we have no moral or intellectual drive to combat what is clearly a harmful force against the West. We’ve lost it and I don’t know if we can get it back in time to stop this destructive incursion.

        Big dogs and cartoons? I like those ideas.

  • Karmel

    He gets it. Too bad so many people don’t.

  • Conservative American Voter

    Pat, it’s been far too many years since I last watched your videos, but you are as keenly incisive, straight to the point as ever….kudos.

  • Linda1000

    O/T – Ivory Coast – Politicians and business men are kidnapping kids for black magic ritual sacrifice to give them power for the upcoming elections. Just want to know what planet we are living on as this seems to be a feature in Africa.

  • Pat Condell is a great man, always seeing the truth and speaking the truth.

  • BillyHW

    Jews are the new Jews. Muslims are the original Nazis.

  • Petrilla

    He pinpoints the problem in Europe as it is here . Massive uncontrolled muslim immigration or invasion by people who hate Jews and we infidels alike. I particularly like his taking so called journalists to task. This is the best Pat Condell video recently, all are good but this one is a call for all of us to grow a spine and protest at every possible opportunity. Bravo.