Michelle Obama forgoes a headscarf and sparks a backlash in Saudi Arabia

Even a stopped clock etc.

The unbridled passions inspired by an un-burqa-ed Michelle resulted in what may be the largest orgy of goat-rape in Saudi history.

  • They should put blinders on the camels as a safety precaution.

  • WalterBannon

    she needs to be in a burka, or some kind of black vinyl bag

  • Clausewitz

    This woman has no knowledge about protocols whatsoever. She thinks the world revolves around her fat arse.

    • Exile1981

      They couldn’t find a scarf big enough to cover her ego.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I wonder if Obama will hear it from his buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Blacksmith

    I am sick to death of these posers,
    Having said that seeing that head uncovered has killed more carnal thoughts than the coldest ice water.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Bright blue dress at at solemn service?

    • It Michelle. Bad taste comes with the territory.

    • Minicapt

      The funeral was on the 23rd, followed immediately by the interment.


  • dance…dancetotheradio

    People think I’m a racist because I don’t like Michelle Obama.
    They never ask why.
    I would tell them it’s that goddamned underbite.
    She looks like a freaking piranha.

  • favill

    When an American woman (even Moochelle) tells Islam central to FU….it’s always a good thing.

    • Frances

      I agree – good for the First Lady!!

  • QiPo

    I guess all those guys went for the good stuff, eh?

  • pick n

    The Saudi’s didnt arrest her?

  • wallyj180

    I didn’t think men had to cover their heads.

    • Clausewitz

      Or Wookies………

  • Linda1000

    Now that’s giving them the middle finger. She doesn’t look at all happy about making that four hour stop either in any of the pictures.

  • Morticiaa

    At least one of them has balls

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Good for her for using her stature to flout the rules of the Wahabbi Kingdom.
    The clerics will have a fatwa with her name on it, but, they’re assholes anyways.

    Nancy Pelosi also showed up to the festivities topless, but, she looks happier to mingle……..

    • ntt1

      I think pelosi’s taut facial skin frightened and confused the arabs they were so distracted they left her alone.

  • I can’t believe saying this but good for her….

  • She probably wears a scarf in the privacy of the Obama private quarters in the WH, to please her Moslem husband.

  • ed

    the Arabic word for black and slave are the same !!!!!

  • bob e

    comments on this are great. don’t think for a minute these american
    women are showing disdain for islam & its high priests ..

    they are much more concerned about themselves .. look at skank
    grifter michelle’s face.. she could care less about anyone or thing
    but her miserable fat ass ..

  • Hard Little Machine

    Maybe she’s not a woman?

  • Patriotstothefront

    They gave her a brown paper bag to put over her head and everything.

  • Una Salus

    Maybe I was too hard on Michelle. To paraphrase Snoop dogg, “You just went up a notch in my book Michelle. That brings you to notch one.”