Menstruation is having a moment: Kathy’s NEW Taki’s column


Kathy Shaidle
on the “Menstrala” art movement and more…

“Sometimes a quiet space away from men is exactly what you want for a couple days out of the month,” muses Amber Frost at too-cool-for-you website Dangerous Minds.

That said, Frost’s not totally sold on artist Elizabeth Tolson’s new “Fertility Dress,” a conceptual art thingie that supposedly turns blue when the wearer is ovulating, red during menstruation, and—eww—yellow “to indicate hygiene [sic].”

Tolson’s “work” is an “Atwoodian” satire on the fascist patriarchy or whatever, but Frost simply finds the “dress” appealing in a “Go Away” welcome mat fashion.

Yeah, it’s a stupid idea, but at least this “art” seems to be an advance over the “I paint with my menstrual blood!” school called the “Menstrala” movement.

  • Exile1981

    This dress reminds me of an idea a guy I new back in by college days came up with – He wanted a ring for women to wear at bars; It would be like a mood ring in that it changed colors depending on certain criteria.

    He wanted red for menstrating – as in stop
    yellow for ovulating – as in proceed with caution
    green – for ok to proceed
    Black for certain infections and or diseases – as in danger wil robinson

    He tried for a year or so to figure out how to make it work and we kept telling him no girl would wear one to a bar. His last idea before he graduated and left was a wall mounted device the ladies could breath into or stood next to do the same thing.