Islamophobia has turned into an industry, says Turkey’s top cleric

Mehmet Görmez

Turkey’s top cleric has said Islamophobia has been “turned into an industry” across the world to “spread fear.”

“Islamophobia, which has been turned into an industry, is trying to spread fear to hearts by using clashes and incidents in the Islamic world for cruel propaganda against Muslims,” said Mehmet Görmez, the head of the Directorate General for Religious Affairs (Diyanet), adding that a “letter of goodwill” prepared by Islamic scholars would soon be shared with heads of states and religious heads.

…Görmez said the common message of all holy prophets was the same as Islam’s message, which was a message of universal peace, against oppression, against killing, against riots and sedition, and in favor of taking everyone’s honor, life and lineage as untouchable.

  • Maggat

    “turned into an industry”. Well it certainly has a plentiful supply of raw material to work with.

    • winniec

      Copious, daily, hourly material…atrocities, lies, betrayals, enslavements, explosions, shootings. What a coincidence!

  • Martin B

    I will not take advice on world affairs from a man with a doggy bowl on his head.

  • pdxnag

    Islamic supremacism is like an industry too, a slight modification on slash and burn and rape and pillage.

    • winniec

      Except, this government-appointed state employee speaks for Erdogan and no one else.
      He knows better than anyone the improbability of Islam. He knows INCONTROVERTIBLY that Islam teaches TERRORISM, but he is a civil servant and is paid to tell these lies to shield the Death Cult from exposure.

      Mehmet Görmez is a professional disinformationist. He knows that we know that he knows. Take a shower when you go home every night, Mehmet. Your soul is black.

  • Roland

    Goodwill? Show goodwill by condemning the atrocities and terrorism that are committed in the name of Islam. Then, we can talk.

  • How come I don’t get paid?

  • Anti-Islamophobia has turned into an even bigger industry, with journalists, politicians, academics, religious figures world-wide working round the clock to smother all criticism of Islam.

  • New Centurion

    Well that’s enough for me! I’m convinced! It truly is a “religion of peace”.