Female genital mutiation in the UK

There were almost 500 cases of female genital mutilation in just one month in English hospitals

  • BillyHW

    Who exactly is taking them to the hospital after chopping them to bits?

    Oh, and isn’t multiculturalism wonderful? We are so enriched by this diversity.

    • Exile1981

      Usually they end up in hospital because the FGM butcher used unsanitary tools and the women ends up with massive infections as well as being carved up.

  • Linda1000

    Last summer the IS issued a fartwa making clit snipping mandatory for all females so they can live a more pure life or whatever. Hope all those Western jihadi brides running off to join IS enjoy it. This link was at Sheikyermami the other day.

  • All the civil servants (police, judges, etc.) who should have done their job and didn’t, the job of upholding the law of the land, should be prosecuted.

  • bob e

    this is so horrible .. beyond my simple ability to reason ..
    me.. a big brother, to three insanely gorgeous sisters, who could
    stop traffic most friday nights .. i absolutely freak-out as these
    murderous customs go on & on ..

    • Clink9

      Time for some Male Genital Mutilation on these cowards.

  • David Murrell

    Good post, a good discussion of what is happening in Britain.

    This post inspired me to put in to Access-to-Information requests (ATIRs), one to Health Canada and one to the Department of Justice Canada, investigating the extend of FGMs here in Canada. The process might take a while, but I will forward and info to this site, if and when I get something on this.