Editor who first ran Mohammed cartoons says identity politics is eroding free speech

Rutgers students defend Holocaust-denier laws, religious power

Freedom of expression worldwide is under attack from identity politics, the Danish newspaper editor who first published cartoons of Mohammed 10 years ago told a Rutgers University event Thursday night.

Flemming Rose is promoting his new book, The Tyranny of Silence, which illustrates the greater debate surrounding free speech in light of religious extremism, political power and an increasingly globalized world. It was published less than two months before the massacre of journalists at French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.

  • pop

    Silence is golden if you know they’re going to behead you.

  • As long as PC cowards run the news rooms free speech is dead.

    Facts are facts. Making exceptions to printing the facts because of PC sensibilities is an incremental form of suicide for “free speech”.

    Islam itself preforms a form of incremental suffocation of non-Muslim societies.

    If the non-Muslim world intends to survive another 100 years, it needs to drop the PC blinders. Talk openly about the cult of Islam. And look for a solution to unravel the Islamic killing cult that has devoured 20% of mankind.

  • Daniel Moshe Johnson

    Cowardice an silence goes hand in hand regarding those who don’t stand for their freedoms and liberties.

    France represents a threat an a move to challenge free speech, the regular citizens need to band an align and form militias to challenge the arrogance an ignorance of Islam.

    All within a legal suggestive manner do I apply my point to, the judicial process and policing in France, we hope have a grasp upon the opponents mind in their country.

    The murders that took place indicates that they dont have control in the matter nor the intel, their are far to many Mosque, terror cells an this breach shows weakness.

    Jews being terrorized and not made to feel safe in a so called democracy causes us to question the term democracy!

    Frances immigration and citizenship department along with the military is in.a state of chaos an need to start deporting, abolishing and taking on the proven threat of Islam, in the guise of moderates.