Duckling Apocalypse!

h/t Cute Overload

  • Icebow

    And now they all think they’re cats….

  • So cute.

  • It is both cute and frightening to watch at the same time.

  • Jan Morrissy

    I needed that! 😀

  • Brett_McS

    There are too many, I can’t hold the line!

  • tom_billesley

    Alfred Hitchcock never directed a film about killer kittens.

  • moraywatson

    Will the fur fly? Will kitty be going south for the winter?

  • angrymike

    Too cool, thanks……… 😉

  • simus1

    “You all look yummy, but I’m not really that hungry right now.”

  • eMan14

    Kinda like being attacked by zombies. Only their weapon is cuteness.