Brooklyn Imam Tareq Yousef Al-Masri on Paris Terror Attacks: Muslims Must Admit We Have A Cancer That We Are Time Bombs & We Hate Christians

h/t MFS

  • ntt1

    Yeah, I think I will proceed with the default position that all muslims are full of goat droppings,It has been proven correct time and again.

    • Just a thought

      But don’t forget. There are good Muslims. They aren’t impossible to find, either. Just look for the prefix “ex” in front of the “Muslim.” šŸ˜‰

      • ntt1

        hah, As in x marks the spot?

        • Just a thought

          Hmmm, more like “x marks the spot they no longer occupy.”

  • Doug Kursk

    Pissing in the wind comes to mind.

  • winniec

    Remarkable admission! The next step is for this mullah to make a list of the Islamic doctrines that make Muslims so homicidal.

  • @ 8:27 Key Line:
    “Love people. Get closer to them. Do you want to invite other people to join Islam, while you hate them and curse them day and night?”
    Its still all about the caliphate and submission- this guy just wants to wait a little and try it with gentle persuasion. If that don’t work? Weellll…

    • Just a thought

      Bingo! A lot of people desperately want there to be “moderate” Muslims, and will grasp at any straw that appears to confirm that vain hope. They are exactly the audience he advocates targeting.

  • Unbelievably frank speech from a Muslim cleric.

    What he says clearly backs up the counter jihad movement.

    I predict, this brave man will die at the hand or some Muslim. That is how Islam purges thoughts similar to what he is saying.

  • Just a thought

    Nope. No incitement there. Move along. We have Conservatives to watch.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Imam seems ripe for conversion…

  • Just a thought

    What’s In A Name
    Will The Real “Tareq Yousef” Please Stand Up

    Is the Imam of Oulel-Albab mosque in Brooklyn “Tareq Yousef Al Masri?” or is he “Tareq Yousef Hassan Saleh?”

    Are they one and the same, or are there 2 Imams of the same mosque who look alike?

    What a screwy world they live in…

    And, no, I still ain’t buying his “moderate” image.

    • Just a thought

      Added in proof – a video with a view of the “mosque” and what appears to be the same Imam, only going by the “Hassan Saleh” alias.
      (Note – I didn’t watch the whole thing because I’m not interested in apologists for poor suffering terrorists)
      NOTE – start the video at the t = 0:32 mark, if it doesn’t automatically do so.
      ALSO – I’ve got a query in to someone who should know if they’re the same clown, or not.

  • BillyHW

    Sadly, this guy doesn’t have much longer to live now that he has made himself a target. Unfortunately, he’s also wrong about the theology. The terrorists have it right when they say all the peaceful doctrines of Islam were abrogated.

    Still an epic speech that needs to be heard around the muslim world.

    • occupant 9

      His “out” to the gang is that he is merely doing the taqiyya to dissemble, distract and disarm. All good Muslims do this.

  • Jan Morrissy

    Can we never ever hear anything acceptable from any of these sh*t-heads?
    … always blabbering this vile rhetoric.
    No. There is nothing redeeming in this religion (whatever) at all, and I really have been looking and reading.
    There is no allowance for mercy or innocence if one is not a muslim. None!

  • Jan Morrissy

    … I’m around 6:00 and he’s starting to make a modicum of sense….

  • Jan Morrissy

    … coming up on 8:00 and he’s making even a bit more than a modicum of sense….
    At this point he’s saying that the Paris (murderer) ‘brothers’ and youth are being warped by following … a bunch of islamic ‘scholars’ …

    • occupant 9

      Yeah and these scholars have the Islamic “religious” texts to support their genocidal positions; this he has to know or he couldn’t be an imam.

      Too bad about that for the rest of us.

  • Jan Morrissy

    I take back some of my 4th comment here; this imam is attempting to make some movement towards diffusing the hatred that wahabbist/salafist etc monsters create.
    It’s still a dangerous religion for anyone to play with.

  • Just a thought

    Just one final comment. The Imam says that the good stuff mustn’t be ignored in favor of the bad. That’s like saying that a super healthy drink is still healthy after a drop of cyanide has been added. Sorry, but the bad in it makes it a poison, no matter how “good” the rest might appear.

    • occupant 9

      Except that the proportions are inverted. Most of the ingredients of Islam are toxic. I doubt there’s an amount of sugar that can make Islam a sweet lie; it’s bitter to the core.

  • SA_NYC

    What is wrong with you posters on here writing negative things about this brave Imam? Good for him for being so passionate and outspoken. Don’t use his words against him, when he’s telling it like it is to the abusers in his own religion. I’m going to file this away, to pull out the next time (no doubt very soon) someone tells me that the problem is no muslims ever come out against their own on the subject of terror.