Boko Haram vs Rotherham

Of course, the media has been covering it.

The fact that they were unaware of the Rotherham schoolgirl sex abuse scandal… which their fellow Leftists aided and abetted by silencing accusers… answers that question…

  • Exile1981

    This has nothing to do with white or black girls. It has everything to do with islam; the black girls where abducted by muslims and the white girls where raped by muslims. In both cases the media tried to hide the news to protect the criminals. It has nothing to do with who the victims are.

    • What you said.

      And aboriginal girls tend to be victims at the hands of aboriginal men.

      Truth is a very inconvenient thing.

      • Uncle_Waspy

        The Narrative answers all the unpleasant questions nice and neatly: everything is Whitey’s fault. 😉

    • Ed Ellison

      And naturally, this racist hack misses the point entirely.
      Whether it is wilful or not, is debateable.
      Just more disinformation out there to cloud the issue for weak minds.

      • Exile1981

        Of course she did. The whole point of her comment was to use a tragedy half way around the world as a way to destabilize race relations in the US.

  • jayme

    If they were 240 white’s not one person would care.

    • winniec

      …unless they were Muslims.

  • winniec

    A number of cultural Marxists such as Michelle Obama didn’t get the Marxist memo that ‘we never criticize liberation movements…no matter what atrocities they commit’.
    The atrocities Boko Haram commits are against black Christians who are Europe’s colonized cultural stooges, so they may be killed without comment by Marxists. The object of cultural Marxism is to destroy European civilization.

  • Reader
  • Just a thought

    No reasoning with them. They are willfully deaf and blind to reality. Only the narrative matters. As Frau Katz writes, the horrors of Rotherham are the proof.

  • Hard Little Machine

    No one pressured the media to cover Boko Haram. The problem Kim is that your Supreme Leader is sort of not opposed to them. I guess it just sucks not to be a Muslim in Obama’s and your world. All the missing girls have to do is welcome Mohammed and Allah into their lives and it’s all fixed. Talk to your President about that.