Think I’ll take a pass…

…on the Ramadan Special

  • Martin B

    I learn something new every day here at BCF. Ratshit is halal!

  • ed

    here in the uk 96% of food take away shops closed for being ” dirty ,filthy , rank, toxic, cockroach , mouse and rat infested shiteholes, are third world owned and run , 75% muslim 20 % Chinese ,and they don`t think they are doing anything wrong , [ed uk ] I only have fish and chips from an English owned chippy now and then

    • BillyHW

      And in exchange for all these great restaurants you get terrorism and lose your freedom of speech. I’d say that’s totally a fair trade.

    • AlanUK

      Hi ed
      We have a local fish and chip shop. Owned by a Greek Cypriot who might just as well be English born and bred. He runs his shop in a thoroughly professional way to the highest standards. He has been inspected and gained a 5 star rating for hygiene. Inspectors have come in un-announced and bought cod and chips which was then identified as cod in the laboratory. They also took away samples of the rest of his raw materials and came back totally satisfied.
      As a regular customer (once a week [Tuesday], every week) he has asked me to give a weekly, frank and accurate, assessment of the business from a customer point of view. I am delighted to do so, warts and all. Yes. There are a few warts. Nothing run by humans will be continuously perfect. But I love to be able to catch people getting it RIGHT as well.
      It can be done. It doesn’t have to be like the story above. It is being done right by a lot of takeaways.

      • ed

        I never mentioned greeks ! but they still can`t do a decent fish and chip , got to be “beef dripping ” and maris piper spuds , cod and home made batter , mushy peas , and loads of malt vinegar [salt if you wish] ed [ greek chpipy I know do a decent home made “none halal kebab]

        • You guys are making me hungry.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I miss the days when they used to use real lard to make potato chips and restaurants used real lard to deep fry. My first job was in a restaurant and lard has a very characteristic smell.
          Then they started using hydrogenated vegetable oil and things changed.

    • I don’t blame you.

    • James Hamilton

      Things are not much better across the pond in metro Vancouver. Majority of the restaurants closed by VCH & FH were owned or run by immigrants from third world countries.

  • Halal obviously doesn’t mean hygienic. If you have traveled to Moslem countries, you know how dirty they are.

    • tom_billesley

      Hygiene is bid’ah.

  • ontario john

    What, no goat meat? I guess muslims don’t eat meat from animals they have sex with.

    • ntt1

      Khomeini was agin it but you could sell your goat /lover to strangers in the next town.and let them eat it. Just remember to remove the niquab and garter belts as they taint the curry.

  • tom_billesley

    “Asian” restaurants and takeaways are just misunderstood – they prioritise foot hygiene rather than food hygiene. These two are both from 2014:
    Salisbury: man washing feet in food preparation area.
    Birmingham: man washing feet in food preparation area.

  • simus1

    After a while muslims get depressed and can’t be bothered keeping their drug selling fronts up to snuff.