The Price Sikh Women Paid for Not Accepting Islam

Painting of a battle between Sikhs and invading Muslims. Source.

Indian history serves as a prime example of the fight against Islamization. “One by one many Sikh women suffered such brutal atrocities, but they all chose to remain steadfast to their Sikh faith instead of embracing Islam…”

On March 6, 1752 A.D., Muin-ul-Malk, Governor of Lahore (now Pakistan), also known as Mir Mannu, ordered the extermination of Sikhs in his area and had the men-folk beheaded publicly, with the younger unmarried girls sold or distributed among the jihadis.

The women and children had a different fate and were taken captives and kept hungry in the Lahore jail. Starving women were forced to operate heavy wheat grindstones and were given the option of conversion to Islam or to suffer the consequences…

Killing the men, taking the young woman for themselves, using woman and children as slaves. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Islamic State knows the history of Islam well.