The McGill Daily: Free Mohamed Fahmy

Canadian-Egyptian journalist Mohamed Fahmy, working for Al Jazeera English in Egypt, was arrested on December 29, 2013 on ungrounded terrorism charges and has been imprisoned ever since. Fahmy’s arrest took place shortly after General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi staged a military coup, overthrowing the democratically-elected Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt’s current government under el-Sisi is virulently against the Muslim Brotherhood and regards the group as a terrorist organization, a view supported by most Western governments.

El-Sisi’s government wrongfully accused Fahmy of abusing his position at Al Jazeera to recruit people for the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist activities. The Canadian government has failed to take meaningful action and protect its citizen, instead choosing to prioritize favourable diplomatic relations with Egypt…

Al Jazeera: The Voice of Qatar.