‘Progessive’ Christianity: Does it have a Jew-hating problem?

Emblem of the United Church of Canada. Source is an article on boycotting settlement goods.

From an article at the Algemeiner, by Dexter Van Zile: Some Urgent Questions for the Publisher of ‘The Christian Century’

On Sunday, January 25, Rev. Dr. John Buchanan, editor and publisher of The Christian Century – the house organ for mainline Protestantism in the U.S. – will speak about interfaith relations at the Grace Lutheran Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma…

…The masthead of the magazine he edits includes the name of James M. Wall, who promotes the type of hate that caused the deaths of three people in a Kansas City suburb in 2014. He does this by contributing to and serving as editor of a website that portrays Jews as the eternal enemy of American democracy and of humanity itself – exactly the type of propaganda that causes people to attack Jews throughout the world.

If Rev. Dr. Buchanan were serious about promoting Christian-Jewish relations, he would remove the name of James M. Wall from the masthead of the magazine he edits…

…Wall has been serving as associate editor of VNN since mid-2012. (His bio and a list of the articles published at VNN can be seen here.)

Readers who peruse VNN’s website will discover hateful commentary about Israel, the Jewish State, and Jews themselves. Just plug words like “Zionist,” “Israel,” and “Rothschild” into its search engine (which is available at the bottom of VNN pages) and you will find Jews accused of perpetrating 9/11, conspiracy theories about Jewish bankers destroying economies, preventing important inventions from coming to market, and bringing about the decline of the United States.

The words “Jew” or “Jewish” will lead readers to similar articles. “Protocols” works too.

I thought this was particularly relevant since “progressive” Christians think very highly of themselves. The other day I wandered back to the Wondercafe site (originally associated with United Church of Canada but now running on its own by volunteers after UCC decided it could no longer afford to support it).

Another site member recalled me from the past (I used to spend quite a lot of time there) asked me what I doing these days.  I replied that I was now co-blogging here at Blazing Cat Fur.  It only took a few minutes before another site member responded to me:

BCF is a right-wing hate fest. What it thinks about Muslims can be applied to Christians as well, either in a different time or even today. It’s just divisive crap that makes Sun News appear fair and balanced.

There will always be a market for hate. As a career move, it makes economic sense. As a human endeavour, it’s an embarrassment.

I corrected him that it was not a career move, but a volunteer activity, and I do not think I will be going back to the forum. Over the time I was there was intense hostility to Israel. I am sure that most of the contributors were quite sincere in saying they did not dislike Jews per se.  But it did attract some people I would call hateful.  Many of the people there are very self-righteous and that can be a problem itself.