Obama and the Refusal to Call a Cat a Cat

In French, we have an expression: “Call a cat a cat.” Appeler un chat un chat. That is exactly what French Prime Minister Manuel Valls did after the horrific terrorist attacks that hit my country on Jan. 7, when he identified “radical Islam” as our enemy. In France, most rallied to this clear acknowledgment of the threat we are dealing with, because it is simply impossible to deny.

That is why it has sounded almost surreal when the Obama administration and many observers in the U.S., despite their heartening support for the French, go to great lengths to insist that the terrorist attack had nothing to do with Islam.

  • ‘Radical Islam’ means the very root of Islam – i.e. Islam as it really is, undiluted by other influences, i.e. fundamentalist Islam, a literal reading of Islamic source texts. Thus, ‘radical Islam’ refers to Islam as such, while ‘moderate Islam’ refers to diluted derivatives (mostly non-practicing or part-practicing of actual Islam).

    • winniec

      I agree that ‘radical Islam’ is an accurate description of what ‘Salafism’ is. ‘Salafism’ is the term these ‘radical Muslims’ use to describe themselves.
      The term ‘salaf’ actually means ‘a pioneer’ in English and refers to the first three generations of Islam…those who were personally acquainted with Mohammed and his thuggish companions.

  • wallyj180

    ” the terrorist attack had nothing to do with Islam.”

    Apparently the terrorists think otherwise.

    • winniec

      Our politicians and journalists are mostly religious illiterates who fail to understand the religious commandments of Islam to make holy war until victory.

  • Hard Little Machine

    This is the same administration that had Joe Biden lecture a Muslim about what ‘real’ Islam is.

    • winniec

      Clueless Biden…a typical cultural Marxist know-it-all.

    • Biden blindly takes orders from Obama. Obama is a Muslim cultist.

      Thanks democrats.

      We live in strange times.

  • winniec

    Prime Minister Manuel Valls did something remarkable (as did Canadian PM Harper) in calling this what it is…’radical Islam’ (Valls) and ‘Islamist terrorism’ (Harper).

  • Turkey’s prime minister Erdogan says there is only Islam.

    He is right. Yes there may be a warm and fuzzy PART