NY Times writer Charles Blow ‘fuming’ that Yale police stopped his son ‘at gunpoint’

New York Times op-ed columnist and author Charles Blow took to Twitter yesterday to express his outrage at Yale police officers reportedly pulling a gun on his son, a student at the univesity, and questioning him Saturday night regarding a string of robberies in and around the campus.

Yale police said: “During the efforts to locate and detain the suspect, a Yale College student, who closely matched the description of the suspect, was briefly detained and released by Yale police.”

Based on what the Yale police department is saying, however, it’s hard to see what exactly the cops did wrong.

Blow went on to seemingly compare his son’s treatment to Eric Garner in New York City, using the hashtag #ICantBreathe:

One thing that Blow is leaving out — and it’s not clear if many of his readers are aware of — is that crime at Yale University isn’t a shocker.

New Haven was named one of America’s “most dangerous” cities with a population under 200,000 in 2014 and Yale publishes a “Daily Crime Log” on its website.

Yale even has a special “FAQ” for parents who are worried about crime in the New Haven area…

His latest column is of course on that very subject: Library Visit, Then Held at Gunpoint: The dean of Yale College and the campus police chief have apologized and promised an internal investigation, and I appreciate that. But the scars cannot be unmade. My son will always carry the memory of the day he left his college library and an officer trained a gun on him.