Multiculturalism means… 400 “Aussies” Have Answered Jihad’s Call

Julie Bishop flags longer war as 400 Aussies sign up for jihad’s team terror

UP to 400 Australians are now estimated to be either fighting for Islamic State terrorists in the Middle East or actively supporting their cause here at home, with security agencies alarmed at the rate young men are turning to terror.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop yesterday said coalition forces including Australians had been asked to stay longer in Afghanistan than the 2016 deadline set by the US President Barack Obama, amid warnings Islamic State was attempting to broaden their reach by co-operating with the Taliban.

Ms Bishop, who secretly flew into the Afghan capital Kabul yesterday to meet President Ashraf Ghani, confirmed that during an hour-long meeting he made a “compelling” case for coalition countries to stay longer in Afghanistan to prevent it descending back into another Iraq and a second haven for terrorism.